Protect Your Shed All Year Around

Shed roof skylight

High-quality storage buildings are also an exceptional investment just like a normal dream house of yours. It will be a worthy investment for you to get backyard sheds since they provide you a great value and you can also bring in skylights for shed roof however make sure you are not lacking behind the required shed maintenance.

We all take good measures for all the home maintenance regularly each year before spring cleaning. Along with this, there is a strong recommendation for you to take care of your yard along with shed preservation and repair.

Although you might already know all the ways you prepare your shed for the coming cold weather, there are still some key points you can undertake with your tasks performing on them throughout the year to make sure that your shed remains in premium shape. Staying regular with your shed maintenance schedule will allow you to keep it running for a longer period, avoiding large repair costs, saving you from hassles, and time wastage.

In this segment, we will be shortlisting some of the important tips that will help you to maintain your shed in good shape and allow it to last long and function at its full capability. So, make sure to read them all and consider them with your shed maintenance routine.

Let’s get started with the checklist of your shed maintenance:

The ideal purpose for maintaining your shed is to ensure that all your equipment keeps running at its 100% capability with complete efficiency so that you face no issues. Here are some tips to help you with the same during all the months of the year:

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1.Take a look for the holes, leaks, breaks, and cracks

It is very urgent to fix all the problems whether you see that there is a shingle missing or there is a crack in the window and you need to bring the solution quickly. You might think that your roof is working perfectly but the water can sneak in through your shed. To find out the leakage area, check your walls or ceiling for any sign of discoloration, specifically any stain or darker patches that tell you the water dripping point.

2.Keep your shed free from potential pests

Do you see that around your shed a lot of pesky spiders, rodents, ants, wasps, and pine beetles making their home? Not only that it will create a problem for you but it will also add up to the damage rate of your shed and what are the items you are storing. If you are going to look for the plans or tips to keep the shed pest free, then have a look at these tips:

  • Trim all the vegetation or grass growing around the perimeter
  • Avoid stacking firewood outside the shed
  • Also, get rid of all the garbage cans that have been lying around the storage shed. This is because that attracts exactly what you are trying to get rid of since they love it!

3.Take a look at workbenches, handles, shelving, and doors 

There is nothing more annoying than broken handles, problematic doors, and squeaking hinges. No matter how busy your schedule is, you have to take some time out to spray hinges and handles with a suitable lubricant so that everything should work smoothly. 

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If you have broken handles as well then get it replaced for perfect working and keeping the safety issues away as well. Keep a good eye on your shelves as well and if there is rust then bring in heavy-duty plastic or wood shelves as their replacement.

4.Keep the exterior clean

No matter what is your preference with the type of siding material you prefer—vinyl, metal, or wood—the thing is you have to keep them clean. Keeping them clean regularly, will keep the stains away and they won’t remain permanent over time. To clean them up, you can use any soap and water along with elbow crease so that siding can be kept nice and shiny or simply get going with the power washer.

5.Use paint on siding

A mere cleaning will get the job done if the siding has the material of metal or vinyl. However, for the wooden one, you have to ensure that they are getting a new layer of paint every couple of years based on the paint type you are using.

Let’s take a look at the things you need to consider before starting the paint job:

  • The primer you want to use should have an oil-based which will seal all the holes and this way the pests would remain out only.
  • Finalize your painting method since some would prefer to use the traditional brush method for an even layer while some prefer to use a paint gun to get it all done quickly.