Upgrade your fuse box to enjoy these benefits

fuse box

Upgrade your fuse box for these benefits and gain peace of mind. A new fuse box will help to keep your home electrically safe. To determine whether it requires replacing, it is best to have a qualified and experienced electrician to get a quote to upgrade a fuse box.

Fuse boards may need to be replaced.

You can use a few small signs to determine whether you need to replace the consumer unit. Look at your fuse box and see if it has a wooden backing. It may also have cast iron switches, indicating that it’s old and needs to be replaced with something more modern and user-friendly. We can confirm your concerns by performing some tests of our own here at Abbeyhill Electrical just to be safe.

RCDs are residual current devices.

If your old fuse box does not have RCDs, it should. In the event that a fuse blows, residual current devices will shut off the electricity automatically, preventing an electric shock and a potentially life-threatening accident.

Also, if you are planning to build something like a shower or an extension, make sure your electrics are up to code.

A valid argument.

A reason should always exist for replacing your fuse box, and there usually is. When you upgrade a fuse board, there should always be a valid reason for doing so, and when you do so, you ensure the safety of everyone in your home, especially if your fuse box is as described above.

With the RCD installed, you can now change light bulbs and fuses, start plumbing in that shower, or perhaps build that extension you’ve been promising yourself. In addition, any workers you hire to come in and carry out parts of the work will be able to use the electrics safely.

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With a modern fuse box, accidents are less likely to kill you. Keeping an old fuse box can lead to life-threatening accidents. A good example is when an electrical appliance you’re using cuts through the flex. The person then picked up the flex without realizing and suffered an electric shock. In some cases, the result is a hospital visit, or even death.

Reducing the risk of electrical fires.

An electrical fire can be reduced by a new fuse box replacement because it can detect faulty wiring, disconnect the power, and so reduce heat build-up that can lead to fires. A circuit overload can cause electric shocks, but with RCDs they will be prevented because it will shut itself off.

Your modern fuse box contains circuit breakers and RCDs that could potentially save your life.

The circuit breakers in your fuse box shut off electricity, and in an older version of the box this would never happen. When you touch any live cable, these breakers will trip in a nanosecond, so you won’t have the chance to be hurt before the damage is done.