How to fix a loose rocking toilet?

Rocking toilet

A loose, rocking toilet means that the bottom of the toilet is not exactly level with the surface of your floor. While it may not look like that big of a problem now, it can lead to far worse problems such as leakages, odor issues, and damage to the pipes. Lucky for you, this problem is not too difficult to solve. Here’s an easy guide to help you get rid of this problem always and forever.

Steps to fix a loose rocking toilet

Empty the toilet

Start by turning off the water supply valve. Next, flush out any water present in the tank and pour out any remaining water left. You can also use a sponge to ensure that the toilet tank is completely devoid of water. After performing the previous step disconnect the water supply pipe from the toilet.

Remove the toilet

Take out the removable caps present at the bottom of the toilet and set the toilet aside. After you have taken off the toilet, inspect the wax ring as it prevents any leakages, so it needs to be in good condition. Cover the hole to prevent any foul odor from escaping.

Fix the closet flange

Next, you need to decide whether you need to replace the closet flange or add a repair plate if it isn’t damaged too badly. To install a repair plate by using a chisel to place the plate down under the groove and thread in the bolts.

If your flange has a lot of damage, the best course of action is to replace it. Use a chisel to cut the closet flange and pull it out. Proceed by placing the new flange on the cast iron and make adjustments if it doesn’t meet the floor properly. Put the rubber gasket inside the closet flange and press down the brass ring inside the gasket—place in the bolts.

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Reinstallation Once you have replaced the flange, put two new bolts on its sides. It is advised to get a new wax ring as well because it will help in sealing off the hole and serves as a good preventative measure from spill-outs. After you’re done, place the toilet back into its original position. Finish off by ensuring the two bolts go straight into the holes and putting plastic base and washers to get the nuts and bolts to fit in tightly.