Top 10 Ceiling Fans in India 2022 under Rs. 5000

Top 10 Ceiling Fans in India

Ceiling fans are part of all Indian homes and apartments. Most states in India have hot and humid weather throughout the year. So, a ceiling fan is an indispensable part of the house. Even if you have an air conditioner, a ceiling fan is necessary to circulate the air. The evolving models and technologies in ceiling fans can confuse you while placing an order online. So, if the budget is below Rs.5000, here is a list you can check out to make the best purchase. 

  1. Havells Ambrose 1200mm Ceiling Fan – Havells is a brand that you can trust without a doubt with ceiling fans. The 1200mm ceiling fan ensures corner-cooling and is apt for all rooms, regardless of the size. The shiny crème-colored ceiling fan adds to the aesthetics of the room. The power consumption is 74 watts and is an economic choice for Indian households. 
  • Usha Racer Chrome 1200MM Ultra High Speed 400RPM Ceiling Fan – The Usha Racer chrome ceiling fan ensures high-speed circulation in the room. The 1200mm ceiling fan has a speed of 400 rotations per minute. Power consumption is also low, even though the performance is high-speed. The glossy appeal of the rich smoke brown shade of the ceiling fan looks supremely aesthetic and matches the décor of all rooms in the apartment. 
  • Bajaj Frore 1200 mm Ceiling Fan – Bajaj ceiling fans have always been among the best-selling fans in the market. Years of reputation and premium manufacturing make Bajaj a brand to rely upon. The down rod mounting feature ensures ease of installation in the ceiling. The power consumption is 56watts with an air delivery capacity of 205cmm. Stay assured of a durable service from the ceiling fan with stable blades and reliable manufacturing. 
  • Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan – Orient ceiling fans have an excellent built-up and moderate power consumption of 78 watts. There are five-speed settings in the fan to ease the user requirements. With a 360 RPM speed, the inverter-compatible fans ensure air circulation in every corner of the room. The aluminum covering at the bottom makes the fan durable in every way. 
  • CROMPTON Sea Sapphira 1200 mm Ultra High Speed 3 Blade Ceiling Fan – Enjoy the feel of the windy seas with the Crompton ceiling fan that gives you a cool feel in every corner of the room. The 1200mm ceiling fan has ultra-high-speed blades and a 100% copper motor. The air delivery rate is 200cmm with a speed of 380 rotations per minute. Ensure a lasting service from the brand Crompton with durable manufacturing and parts. 
  • ACTIVA Apsra Brown1200 MM Sweep 390 RPM Fan – ACTIVE Apsra ceiling fans are available in brown and white shades. You can install them in any room, depending on the aesthetics of the room and décor. The 1200mm fan has a high-speed performance of 390 rotations per minute. The 2 years warranty on the ceiling fan makes it a perfect choice for Indian households. 
  • Orient Electric I-Tome 1200mm 26W Intelligent BLDC Energy Saving Ceiling Fan with Remote – Do you want to operate your ceiling fan with a remote? BLDC fans from Orient are the best choice. You get a 1200mm BLDC energy-saving ceiling fan from the reputed brand with only 26 watts of power consumption. The metallic grey on the ceiling fan body looks premium and beautifully suits all kinds of room décor. 
  • Luminous Audie 1200mm Smart Ceiling Fan – Make your home smarter with the smart ceiling fans from Luminous. The 1200mm ceiling fan can work with voice-assistant technology and Alexa. All you require is to give voice instructions to switch on the fan! The remote-controlled fan can also be operated with your smartphone. Make an affordable yet technologically-upgraded choice. 
  • Anchor By Panasonic Ventus 600mm Ceiling Fan – A fan that looks compact and small does not mean a low-performing ceiling fan! The Ventus 600mm ceiling fan from Anchor by Panasonic has a premium look with an aluminum body. The high air thrust of the fan ensures perfect air circulation with heavy power. Buy the honey gold-colored ceiling fan for a majestic touch in the room. 
  • V-Guard Exado Pro Decorative Ceiling Fan with Anti-Dust Technology – A decorative ceiling fan with anti-dust technology is what everyone wants in their house! The V-Guard ceiling fan with a 1.2m air sweep capacity is perfect for your living room and bedroom. Go for the gorgeous blue-colored fan with a metallic touch to bring the best aesthetics to the room. 
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Make the best purchase.

The top ten list of ceiling fans is powerful and durable for moderate to high usage. You will get a satisfactory performance with every ceiling fan, as discussed here. All you require is to select one or multiple fans from the list and place the order. Get them at the best price by reviewing the trending deals on your favorite shopping platform.