Top 5 Ways to Transform Your Old Garden


Many people worldwide brushed up on their gardening skills with all the extra time they got due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown last year. That said, gardening is not an easy task. There are a million things to take care of and protect. Growing varieties of flowers and vegetables, nourishing them every day, and protecting them from insects and bugs, the list goes on and on. After doing all that, designing the garden’s aesthetic will undoubtedly be last on your to-do list. Having a healthy and hygienic garden is a must, but having a visually appealing one will have your guests talking about it.  So, if you plan to give your garden a fabulous makeover, here is a list of the top five ways to transform your old garden.

1.  Use Grow Bags

The first and foremost way to change things around the garden is by trading off the ceramic, and plastic pots with grow bags. Growing plants in grow bags will not only change the look of your garden but boost the plants’ health too. Most of you might already know what grow bags are. However, for novice gardeners, grow bags are nothing but bio-degradable bags used for growing all sorts of plants in a healthy manner. The many benefits of using grow bags include better root health. Plants grown in plastic pots undergo a common problem known as root circling. The breathable fabric material of the 20 pack grow bags also promotes temperature control by shedding excess heat. So get some grow bags in different colors and patterns to make your garden look vibrant and beautiful.

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2.  Accessorize the Patio or Deck Area

Here’s a simple idea that can help you transform your dull garden into something fancy. Firstly, trim down any unwanted bushes around the patio or deck area. Then clean the deck by scrubbing off any dirt and stains. Now that the patio area is clean and tidy, it’s time to accessorize it with some amazing stuff. Invest in decent quality outdoor sofas, a side table, and some hangings. Paint the deck in your favorite color or pattern and create a cozy corner in your beautiful garden. Your guests will not only love the way it looks but will also want to spend some more time in the cute and cozy outdoor corner. Plus, it’s always good to have a peaceful outdoor space to have your morning coffee and breakfast during the weekends.

3.  Hanging Baskets and Pots

Here’s another DIY technique you can follow, to enhance the look of your garden. Make small and tiny hanging baskets and pots to hang them all around your garden and deck area. It is better to analyze the plants which are not oversize and use them in the hanging baskets. Better go for colorful flowers and arrange them colorwise using your imagination. Making these DIY hanging pots and baskets is extremely simple. You can find online tutorials about the same. Get creative and paint the hanging pots according to your choice and arrangement as well. The best place of all would be the cozy patio area you’ve decorated in the corner of your garden to hang the colorful DIY hanging baskets.

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4.  Lighting

What could be a better way to transform your old garden than lighting it up? Take out all the Christmas lights, series of bulbs, fairy lights, and use your imagination to decorate the garden area. Apart from serving the practical purpose of lighting up your garden, the lights will add a fancy touch to your beautiful garden. The lights will not only look the best at night but look fabulous during the day as well.  You can wrap lights around a massive plant or a tree in your garden and decorate your deck or patio area with lights too. You can also invest in some lights that change color accordingly to suit your mood while enjoying a glass of wine in your cute outdoor space.

5.  Paint the fence and shed

Lastly, let’s not forget the fence that surrounds and protects your beautiful garden. Choose an aesthetic color of your choice that goes well with the outdoor patio area, the house, and paint the fence in that color. Not just the fence, but if you are lucky to have a shed in your garden, then paint it too. You can also complement the fence by painting the garden furniture like the wooden pallet with a bright and contrasting shade. That old rustic wooden bench could use a touch of a popping color like teal or pink, don’t you think so? Take out the painting equipment and get creative.

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Final Thoughts

Those were the top five ways to transform your old garden. Hopefully, the ideas inspire you to get creative and decorate your garden. There are many more ways of doing the same, apart from the ones mentioned above. You can add mirrors and other decorative objects, candles, and whatnot to the patio area. Replacing your plastic pots with grow bags may increase the quality of the plants in your garden.

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