Why should you use a hot tub cover?

hot tub cover

They all have one thing in common: a very handy cover. With a book cover, you can watch the written word unfold into a story as you read, keeping pages safe from wear and tear. A Tupperware cover will keep leftovers fresh and tasty for days to come, keeping bad bacteria at bay. But what about hot tub covers?

Northernhottubcovers.com covers for hot tubs provide a number of incredible benefits. Let’s see what a quality hot tub cover can do for your spa.


1)  The cover protects your investment. Your spa jets and components are the jewels of your spa. You chose your hot tub for many reasons-protect your investment! Hot tub covers protect the interior components of your spa. Using the spa in this way ensures many, many years of high-quality enjoyment.

2)  A cover is a locking safety device. In anybody of open water, pets or children can enter without your knowledge. Your little loved ones are safe with the lockable safety device of a hot tub cover. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your hot tub is locked and secured at all times when you are not using it.

3)  Pollutants and debris are kept out by a cover. Clean water is another benefit of a hot tub cover. There is a good chance that dirt, critters, and creatures will end up in your spa water in the great outdoors. Animals, yard debris, and air debris are kept out, and evaporation and chemical use are minimized. In addition, the cost savings you will enjoy by not having to constantly scrub your tub is well worth the cost of a cover.

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4)  Heat is kept in by a cover. Hot tub covers provide superior insulation to keep the heat in. Insulation is already built into your hot tub’s walls. Leaving it uncovered reduces the benefits of an insulated hot tub. Heat evaporation, rainwater, and freezing snow can all negatively affect your water temperature, forcing you to use more electricity to bring it back to normal. Don’t let that heat escape! Install a secure-fit, quality hot tub cover to lower your costs.

Backyard Oasis specializes in hot tub cover sales and installation. Our hot tub covers and cover lifts make your spa usage as easy and enjoyable as possible. Looking for a new or replacement cover for your spa? Come in or call us today to learn more about the fantastic coverage options we offer.