Top Nail Gun Maintenance Tips

nail gun

A nail gun is a high maintenance tool and can require a lot of attention and time. If you don’t do it the right way, then it can cause you a lot of issues and stop up in your work, which is why maintenance of your nail gun should be on the top of your list and also your priority if you want to keep using your nail gun in the long. And to help you out with maintaining your nail gun, I’m going to give you some detailed maintenance tips on how to keep your nail gun new and shining! So let’s start! 

Check the feed system. 

One thing you should be doing regularly is cleaning your feed system. Because the feed system of your tool is the only thing that will help you keep your nail gun running smoothly, another reason why the feed system requires more attention than the other parts is that it is the most used part of a nail gun. Nails are constantly moving through the feed system, which means you will face jams and other issues too. 

Tight up your Nail gun 

When you use your nail gun, I’m sure you will see that it vibrates a lot when the nails are being driven into a hard surface like metal or strong wood, or even plastic. These vibrations can cause the screws and bolts of your nail gun to come loose and become faulty. 

To avoid this, you should be tightening up your nail gun on a weekly basis; if you are not using it a lot, then on a monthly basis at-least. 

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Check the power supply. 

Even if your nail gun has its own power supply, e.g., a battery that is attached to your nail gun or if it is attached to another power outlet and depends on it for power, inspecting the power supply is an important thing that you should be doing either way. 

If your nail gun has an attached battery, then you should check and see to make sure it is firmly attached. Make sure the battery is not expired or worn out and is still safe to use without any leakages etc. If your nail gun is using a power outlet, then make sure the voltage is up-to the mark of your nail gun. Keep in mind that low voltage does as much of the damage as a high voltage does, if not any less. Checking the voltage of your nail gun will literally take a few minutes, and this will add so many years of durability to your nail gun.