Why External Wall Insulation Is Very Important For All Homes?


Home insulation plays a vital role in making your place comfortable and enjoyable. The external wall insulation keeps your home cool during the summer season and hot during the winter season. 

If you want to spend cozy winter and cool summer days, you should pay attention to the insulation of your home. A well-insulated house will prevent the escaping of hot air from your home during winter and cold air during the summer season. 

According to the survey, the non-insulated external walls of your house are 37% responsible for the escaping of energy from your house. Also, un-insulated roofs of the house are responsible for the 25% loss of energy from your house. Here, in this content, we are going to discuss various benefits of external wall insulation:

1. Increase Energy Efficiency

It is a fact that heat energy flows through the hot place to the cooler place. This transfer takes place until there will be no difference between the temperature at two points. If the external wall of your house is well-insulated, there will be no loss of energy. 

Proper insulation will help prevent heat loss during the winter season and maintain a cool place during the summer season. The external wall insulation helps in providing resistance to the heat flow. 

Insulation acts as a barrier in the heat flow and makes your indoor environment comfortable as per the requirement. For instance, the cool air generated by the air conditioning Sydney will not be escaped in a well-insulated house. 

It means you do not need to keep your AC in running condition always. Thus, the proper wall insulation will help in maintaining a comfortable ambiance and also help in reducing monthly utility bills.  

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2. Enhance Thermal Comfort 

If you will keep your home insulated, it will help in keeping your home Ultimately, it helps in increasing the comfort at your home. 

Ultimately, the external wall insulation will help in maintaining the stable temperature inside your home and you can enjoy the thermal comfort for the whole year. You can easily enjoy a pleasant indoor environment where you can live happily and comfortably.

3. Reduce Thermal Gaps 

Usually, the thermal bridges are generated in the building envelope where the insulation is not appropriate. This region is responsible for approximately 35% of thermal losses. 

It will lead to the condensation and generation of mold growth inside your house. If you maintain your house well-insulated, then it will lead to reduced thermal gaps and reduce thermal loss.  

4. Reduce The Probability Of Mold Generation

When the insulation of your house is not appropriate, it will lead to a difference in temperature b/w the internal and external surfaces of your house. The external wall insulation will help in reducing the risk of condensation and ultimately it will reduce the probability of mold generation. 

The process of condensation will lead to the damp walls and it will trigger the formation of molds. The growth of molds takes place in a hot and humid environment Thus, it is imperative to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity at your home. 

The growth of mold will not just deteriorate the structural integrity of your house, but also leads to a bad ambiance. The mold spores can guide to respiratory problems and various other health issues. 

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Thus, you should pay attention to the external wall insulation and maintain a healthy ambiance inside your home. The external wall insulation will help in escaping cold air generated by the ducted air conditioning Sydney at your home.

5. Ensure Durable Construction

When it goes to insulating your house, there are various types of insulating renders and finishes available. These insulating materials are designed to offer a long-lasting and protective layer on the external walls of your house. 

The external wall insulation will help in filling the gaps and cracks in the wall. The external wall insulation will help in forming the protective layer and prevent your wall from rain, cold, and sunrays. The good quality insulation material will prevent the brickwork of your wall and keep it in good condition for a long time.

6. Improve The Visual Appeal Of House

The external wall insulation will help in improving the visual appeal of your house. The wide range of renders and silicon paints, bricks, or tiles will look attractive. Whether your apartment is old or new, you should use good quality external wall insulation material.

7. Reduce environmental Impact And Climate Change   Good external wall insulation will help in maintaining a comfortable ambiance. Therefore, it will result in less usage of cooling or heating electrical appliances. It will minimize electric consumption and carbon footprints. Thus, using the external wall insulation will help in reducing the environmental impact and climate change.