Everything You Need to Know about Patio Blinds in Rockingham

Patio Blinds

Patio blinds in Rockingham are a type of window treatment that is used to control light and privacy in a room.

Patio blinds are also known as sun shades. They are made up of slats that can be raised or lowered. The slats can be pulled to cover the entire window or just a part of it, depending on what light and privacy level you want in the room. Patio blinds are usually installed on windows that don’t have a screen, like the ones in your patio doors.

In addition, blinds come in different colours and styles to match your d├ęcor and needs. You can obtain them with or without support for more privacy, fabric for sound insulation, motorized operation for convenience, etc.

Why do I need patio blinds?

Patio shades are one of the best ways to add some privacy and protection from the sun to your home. Patio shades can be installed on windows, doors and other openings in the house.

The benefits of patio shades are:

  • Keeps the sun out of your house
  • Provides privacy
  • Keeps bugs out
  • Protects furniture and carpets

What are the types of patio shades?

Patio shades come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. They can be installed on the exterior or interior of the window.

Types of Patio Shades: 

  1. Roller Shades: 

These are the most common type of patio shade. They come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures and can be either inside or outside mounted. 

  1. Vertical Blinds: 

These are a great option for larger windows because they cover more surface area than other types of patio shades. 

  1. Roller Blinds: 
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These are typically used inside and mounted over an entire window to provide privacy to that area. 

  1. Roman Shades: 

This type is made up of two panels that move up and down on a vertical axis and can be either inside or outside mounted.

  1. Retractable Shades: 

These shades come in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures. They are made of cloth fabric. There is a small motor that allows the shade to pull back into the frame when not in use.

  1. Awning: 

Awnings are a long and narrow form of shade that can be mounted on either the inside or outside of a window or door. They are best for covering large areas and reaching up to the top of windows without blocking out light. 

How to measure your new patio blinds?

The first step is to measure the size of your windows. You will need to know how much space you have and how much you want to cover.

It is also important to measure from the window sill to the top of the window and then measure from one side of the window to the other. If your blinds are going outside, measure from one end of your patio or deck to the other.

If you are buying a new outdoor patio blind, measure from one end of the patio or deck and make sure that you have enough room for them on both sides.

How much does it cost for outdoor patio blinds or sunshades?

The cost of window treatments will depend on the type of window treatment you are looking for. The most expensive window treatments are plantation shutters. These will cost around $1,000 per window. The least expensive option is curtains, which can range anywhere from $25-$100 per panel.

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Window treatments can be a costly investment, and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are ways to reduce the cost. One way is to buy ready-made curtains instead of custom-made ones; this will save you up to 75%. 

Another way is to choose less expensive materials like polyester or cotton instead of silk or velvet. Curtains and drapes also come in many different sizes and styles, so it’s important to measure your windows before purchasing any patio blinds in Rockingham.