The advantages of floor sanding

floor sanding

If you are wondering if sanding your floors is worth the trouble and expense, read on. Sablage de plancher Montreal is definitely worthwhile. It is one of the easiest home improvements you can do as a homeowner.

Eliminates signs of wear and tear

Eventually, your beautiful hardwood flooring will begin to show signs of wear. Furniture moving across the floor, traffic walking on the floor, and temperature changes over time dull the shine and make the floors look old and tired.

The boards of hardwood can be sanded and sealed again, so they will still look as good as when they were first installed. The look of laminate flooring is similar to that of hardwood, but laminate must be replaced when it becomes worn. When hardwood floors become worn, they simply require some maintenance.

Pests are reduced in your home

Bugs like to live in the spaces between floorboards. The pesky creatures can enter your home when your floorboards are worn and develop gaps between them. By sanding the floor and coating it with a protective coating, you seal up all the spaces in your home so bugs cannot get in.


When the protective finish coat wear off from the floorboards, the dry wood beneath can begin to splinter. If your children play on the floor, they can get splinters in their feet or mouths. Sanding eliminates splinters, and when you apply the protective shine coat to the boards, you prevent splinters from forming.

Floors are easier to clean

Hardwood floors that have been sanded and sealed with a quality sealer are less likely to accumulate dust and dirt than wood floors that have lost their luster. It is easier to keep your floors clean if you keep them sanded and sealed properly.

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Makes floors more durable

As hardwood flooring ages, the boards begin to develop spaces between them. The nails used to hold the boards down are pushed up to the point where the heads are slightly raised. Uneven floors are caused by these factors. It is likely that things will damage the boards if the boards are uneven. A piece of board may even break off if it is raised slightly above its neighbors.

When you sand your floors, you will need to nail the nails back down properly. After sanding the boards, you should remove any pieces that are slightly elevated. As a result, the spaces between the boards will be filled in and the floor’s strength will be increased.

Adds value to the home

If you want hardwood floors in your home, you should invest in them. They can increase the value of your home. The value of your home will decrease rather than increase if the floors are worn out, lackluster and dull, or if there are gaps between the boards.