How to Grind Coffee Beans at Home

Grind Coffee beans

It looks like you have brought coffee but forgot that you don’t have a coffee grinder at home or you have broken the only one you had. Well, don’t worry!

Today is all about coffee lovers; I will be telling you all the ways you can grind your coffee beans at home without having any help in just a few minutes! So let’s start, shall we?

How to grind coffee beans at home

Here, I will be giving you a detailed guide on how you can grind your coffee beans at home, but one thing you should know is that grinding your coffee through different methods will give you different types of results; some of the plans will bring you finer coffees while the others will produce coarser ones. So let’s start reading!

Use a blender 

Almost all of us have blenders at our homes; these blenders are a very easy and quick way to grind your coffee, blenders will give you a good consistency, but one thing you should make sure is that you don’t blend it for too long as it might cook the beans inside. 

Grind by Hand

This method is what I like to call the all you method since it’s literally all you without any appliances for support. Although grinding by hand is said to give you a better consistency than a blender, but it is also more time taking and requires a lot of patience.

Rolling Pin 

I personally am a big fan of this method, as I myself have tested it a lot of times. All you have to do is to put your coffee beans in a plastic bag and then seal them and finally grind them down with a rolling pin. This method will give you fine and coarse coffee beans in no time at all!

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Use a Hammer 

The only purpose of using a hammer is to make sure you are getting a fine quality of coffee beans and to ensure that each of the coffee beans is finely crushed. In this method, you again will have to put your coffee beans in a plastic bag so that they don’t spread around, and then strike them one by one with your hammer.  The hammering method is super easy and not time taking at all; make sure you choose a hard surface like a marble table to do this on.