7 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas To Make Your Life Easier

Kitchen Backsplash

Tiles can be a great way to add colour and style to your kitchen. They are important because they protect the wall behind your stove and sink from water stains and damage. They’re also easy to clean. This blog post will show seven great kitchen backsplash ideas to make your life easier.

Recycled Glass

You can use recycled glass to create a stunning backsplash. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t require much maintenance. The look and feel of glass are customised to match your kitchen’s style. The recycled glass might work well with this style if you have an older home with rustic features.

Use a peel and stick tile backsplash.

Using a peel and stick tile backsplash is easier than traditional installation because it requires no grout. It means you won’t have to worry about cleaning the grout or waiting for it to dry, saving you time and energy. Plus, peel and stick tiles are easy to remove and take with your new home if you move in the future, so they are reused in another room. These tiles are also used on walls, ceilings, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Peel-and-stick tiles come in many different patterns, colours, sizes and styles – so there will be something for everyone!

Install subway tiles vertically or horizontally.

A vertical subway tile splashboard is a great way to add interest to your kitchen, especially if you have white cabinetry and walls. It’s also a great way to add colour, which is always nice! If you’re wondering how much space you should leave between rows of tiles, install them three inches apart.

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You can also install subway tile horizontally, which is great for shower walls and floors. If you want to add a bit of flair, try adding different sizes of tiles together!

Use hexagon-shaped tiles for an interesting look.

Hexagon-shaped tiles are a popular choice for splashboards. These are easy to install, they’re easy to clean, and they look fantastic, even when you’re not paying attention to them.

They can also be an alternative when your budget doesn’t allow for more expensive materials or designs. Hexagon tile backsplashes are also great if you have limited space in your kitchen and want something that won’t obstruct any other appliances or cabinets.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a classic and elegant material that’s easy to maintain, durable, and modern. It can be used as a splashboard or wall covering in any kitchen style—whether you prefer contemporary or rustic. Stainless steel is also an excellent choice for kitchens with little storage space because it takes up very little room on your countertop but still provides valuable storage space.

For those who prefer stainless steel over other materials (like tiles), there are several options for creating a splashboard with this versatile material. You can choose between painting the stainless steel surface the way you would paint any other wall; powder coating it to give it a more matte finish; or using mesh, which will allow light into your kitchen while still providing all of the benefits of using stainless steel in your home kitchen design project!


Brick backsplashes are another great choice. Bricks are a very durable natural material, and they are used to create patterns or designs on your kitchen walls. You can use brick tiles or sheets if you want something more unique.

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Brick is also easy to clean—wipe it down with soap and water!

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is a great choice for a splashboard. It is also durable, easy to clean and looks beautiful. In addition, it comes in a wide range of styles and colours to give you more options for personalising your kitchen design.

It’s important to note that porcelain tile is not waterproof, so it shouldn’t use in areas where moisture can get trapped behind the tiles, like under-the-cabinet spaces or near sinks.


Your backsplash will be the focal point of your kitchen. All kitchens need one, and you want to ensure it has a positive and functional impact when visible all the time. It’s important to pick a style that fits your kitchen and life.