6 Types of kitchen Cabinets

new kitchen cabinet

1. Mission Kitchen Cabinet

The clean lines and contemporary style give this mission style, flat panel cabinet door its timeless appeal. Consider the mission combination of the Shenandoah cabinet by inserting solid wood frames and recessed center panels. It comes in all 23 dates from Maple Natural to Cherry Bordeaux, all available through Lou.

2. The panel picked up kitchen cabins

For a traditional kitchen, there is nothing more beautiful than a panel with carved detail and depth. Featured: A square raised panel cabinet door in solid maple from the Hampton Bay Designer Series’ Elgin Cabinet Collection at Home Depot in Heron Gray Finish.

3. Pearl kitchen cabin

Reminiscent of classic paneling, body boards are ideal for  kitchen  cabinet front kitchen designs from country to transition. Shown here is a solid maple, pearl cabinet door of the Shenandoah cabinet with Lennon-painted Lou’s paint (but if you’re not interested in a white kitchen, with 17 color options). The front of the flat panel drawers  break  the  cottage effect.

4. Shekhar  Kitchen Cabinet

The clear lines of this flat panel, wide frame cabinet door reflect the appeal of the shaker-style cabinet (which is not so different from the mission-style cabinet). Featured: Wall hangings at the Home Depot in Satin White  Hampton  Bay.

5. Orchid Cathedral Kitchen Cabinets

Classic and traditional, this cathedral-style

door has a variety of panels, surrounded by a detailed, cascading arch frame. Take a look at the lower cooler cabinet’s orchid cathedral cabinet, which comes in solid solid cherry hakuri maple, and oak and over 125 fine blends to find the right amount of warmth.

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