Tree and Stump Removal Services

Do Not Wait to Take Care of Those Tree Stumps

Anyone who has Trees on their property whether at home or at work should have a professional tree service that can call on to undertake maintenance, care, tree removal, Sydney, and so on. A trained tree expert is also called an arborist and they know the best ways to undertake tree and stump removals so that there is no risk to the rest of your property. Tree removal happens for a number of reasons, it keeps a property safe, and it can prevent damage and accidents with people too. Sometimes a storm causes damage and the tree is at risk of falling or has falling branches, sometimes a tree is diseased, sometimes it is growing too wide or too tall and is a risk to utility lines and rooftops. Underground the roots of a tree reach 12 times as long as the branches and can do a lot of damage to pipes, pavements, and property walls.

The tree removal process

The removal process depends on the shape, location, health and size of the tree. When the service arrives they will assess what is the best course of action to take. In some cases that might mean climbing and cutting the tree down using a crane, and different trees might need different methods and equipment. That is why it is important to use a professional tree removal Sydney based service. They have the knowledge, skill and tools to handle any job.

A mature tree that needs removing might look something like this;

  1. A team of 4 removalists will come to the property, a climber, two ground crew and a backup climber. They can carry out the removal of a mature tree in one to two hours.
  2. They carry out a check of the property and consider obstacles or hazards near the tree in question.
  3. The primary climber gets up the tree and puts in their lines. Then they use a chainsaw to take the tree down in carefully cut pieces. They lower them carefully to the crew on the ground.
  4. On the ground, the workers will take care of greenery that falls and turn larger pierce into wood chips. When the canopy and branches are done the climber will either work on the trunk from the top coming down, or they may come down and the crew will bring the tree down together.
  5. Again they remove green waste and wood is put through the wood chipper.Then there is a final check of the property to make sure nothing is left.
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Tree stump removal

An important part of removing a tree is taking out the stump but not all tree removalists do it automatically. Sometimes you may have to pay extra for the stump to also be removed. Make sure you check with the service you use. Tree stumps attract pests when left to rot and the root system can still be a problem underground. They leach nutrients and water from other plants and trees and can be a source of disease. While it might be tempting to ignore the stump, it is a good idea to just have the tree stump removal handled and get rid of it.