Type of Carpet Cleaning in USA


1.Dry powder cleaning

Dry powder cleaning involves a technique called “host system”. In this technique, a gentle, natural cleaning product is mixed with a small amount of water, detergent, and a safe to use solvent. The mixture is then sprayed on the carpet, and it forms lumps that look like pieces of sawdust. These lumps then act like micro-sponges that dissolve and absorb dirt. Later, these spaces were emptied to clean the cleaner.

2.Encapsulation cleaning

In cleaning the enclosure, the carpet is first emptied before the enclosing chemical is applied. Next, the carpet is placed in a rotary agitation machine, which allows the dirt on the carpet to be isolated, and then the isolated dirt can be emptied. This process is repeated every day for a week.

3.Bonnet cleaning (dry cleaning)

Bonnet cleaning,is way to carpet cleaning in USA also known as “dry cleaning”, is very similar to encapsulation cleaning, except that self-neutralizing soaps are used in place of encapsulation chemicals. Also, after going through the carpet agitation machine, instead of emptying the dirt, you have to dry the pad in the bonnet cleaning, which allows the dirt to be absorbed.

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4.Extract hot water

Extracting hot water involves cleaning the carpet in water with a temperature of only 100 degrees Celsius. Some carpet cleaners call this method “steam cleaning”, although this technique is actually inferior to steam cleaning because of how it can be cleaned.

5.Professional steam cleaning

Professional steam cleaning in water carpet cleaning is more than 100 degrees Celsius, advanced machines allow the water to reach a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius.

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To understand how highly professional steam cleaning is done to extract hot water, note that every 10 degrees Celsius above 60 degrees results in 100% higher cleaning power. Therefore, professional steam cleaning up to 150 degrees Celsius has far more cleaning power than even the best hot / hot water extraction method.