Your Real Estate Business Can Use SEO to Grow Revenue Streams & Expand

Real Estate Business

It is the marketing tool your company has been putting off for a long time. You have heard about the benefits, like increased visibility, traffic, and revenue, but aren’t exactly sure how to implement it or are intimidated by the data. We understand your dilemma and are here to help at To help improve your site’s SEO, we explain what SEO is and how to do it effectively. So, let’s begin!

Defining SEO

Essentially, any website will appear in search engine results by default. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a method of taking control of your website’s rankings instead of letting Google or Bing decide.

Practicing Real Estate SEO

As a result, if you want to practice successful SEO, you must optimize two of your website’s components: on-page and technical.

With on-page SEO, you fill your website with relevant content users find valuable, such as blogs, videos, white papers, etc. Technical SEO involves optimizing your website’s source code so search engines can find and rank your pages more easily. Good on-page and technical SEO signals indicate that you have a quality listing on Google and Bing.

Paid Per Click

SEO’s snobby cousin is “Pay per Click Advertising.” Pay per Click involves paying search engines for placement on their results webpage. The image below shows both free and paid results. 

4 Reasons For Real Estate SEO


1) Free Clicks!

The best reason to engage in SEO is that it’s free! Organic clicks are free for site owners. Marketing methods such as PPC cost money every time a searcher clicks on them.

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2) Raise your Website’s Credibility

Organic clicks don’t cost anything, so there is a potential disadvantage. Compared to organic results, organic results are displayed below the search results (as indicated by the illustration above). This can be a good thing. People tend to distrust ads. Organic results are preferred because they see high ranking as a legitimate source rather than due to a willingness to pay.

3) Leg Up Over Your Competitors

A study conducted by found that only 44% of website businesses invest in SEO. Therefore, companies that take advantage of this untapped medium have an edge over their competitors.

4) SEO rankings are Long Lasting

Your business will benefit from well-optimized on-page and technical SEO practices long after you’ve put in the effort. Payedads, on the other hand, disappear instantly after you stop paying the search engine to rank on their results page.

Put It Into Practice

Now that you know why, let’s talk briefly about how. You can give your real estate website an instant SEO boost by conducting a website audit and creating blog posts. The former will analyze the technical SEO health of your website and give you tips on how to make improvements such as site speed and title tags. Do not worry if some concepts seem unfamiliar; the audits are helpful in explaining them. How to conduct an audit…