6 Advantages of Working with a Real Estate Team

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Looking to buy a new home or sell your current property? One of the first decisions you will need to make is whether to work with a real estate team or a solo agent. A real estate team is a group of two or more real estate sales representatives, brokers, and support staff, who provide real estate services and work together under one business entity. This is not a new concept in home real estate; in fact, it is a growing trend because of the advantages to both the client and the team.

Real estate teams are designed to serve clients better.

A team approach to managing your home sale or purchase can benefit you in several ways.  Here’s how:

The 6 Advantages of Working with a Real Estate Team

 1. You will work with several specialists, not just one generalist.

Agent group realty Real estate agents have to wear many hats during their workday. They are responsible for all aspects of your real estate sale or purchase including managing contracts and negotiations, market analysis, home estimates, marketing your home, copywriting, and admin.  Of course, the top item on this list is also to uphold consistently excellent client service.  All these responsibilities can be overwhelming and exhausting for any agent to do on their own.

A team structure allows you to benefit from a group of specialists who focus on different aspects of your real estate sale or purchase because they work together on specific areas.

 2. You still have your primary agent working for you, as well as a support team.

Buying and selling a home is a very emotional and stressful experience. You need to develop a personal rapport with your agent so you feel supported in this process.  Rest assured, your working relationship with your agent is our top priority. The bonus is that you have a support team also working on your behalf.  More resources = better client service. 

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3. Client service remains a top priority because tasks are delegated.

Homebuyers and sellers often think that a team structure means that they will be bounced around from agent to agent. They fear the loss of the relationship built with their chosen agent.

In fact, with real estate teams – this is the opposite.  Our client’s needs are ranked ahead of anything else, unlike solo agents who can get bogged down with every duty and responsibility.  As we also work with several clients, a team structure helps us manage, distribute the work, and personalize our service.

4. Business is taken care of by a real estate team even when your agent is unavailable or away.

Life is hectic. Everyone needs a break and time to balance their career, family, and personal demands. Home offers can come up at a moment’s notice, even when your real estate agent is away. You need someone there to pick up the phone, call back quickly, and negotiate on your behalf.   Real estate teams ensure you have around-the-clock support during the critical times of selling or buying your home, even if your agent can’t be available for every single step of the process.

5. You have a team of multiple professionals at the same price.

It does not cost you more money to have a team of professionals working for you instead of a solo agent. This structure allows the right people to focus on the right aspects of the buying or selling process for you.