The Unwritten Rules for Offline and Offline Poker Etiquettes


Poker is a social game that incorporates a set of unwritten rules that every poker player should follow to promote game performance, speed of gameplay, and the live spirit of the game. Surprisingly, you will find that there are as many rules of poker behavior as in the game itself. Here are the offline / live poker etiquette for online poker rules and online swear etiquettes to swear by:

Offline / Live:

  • Do it quickly and pay attention
  • Talk about your actions or announce your actions so others know
  • Show Respect to the seller and players at the table
  • Do not get into unnecessary conflicts with other players.
  • Don’t “Angle Shoot” – don’t try to flip through other cards looking at or looking at other cards
  • Don’t say “Hit and Run” – always follow the beat time rule
  • Be a Kind Winner and Lose Kindness
  • Maintain personal hygiene so that you can consider others


  • Do not rush to defeat your enemy.
  • Do not interrupt the conversation.
  • Don’t hit and run.
  • Do not use sign language that is not part of the conversation.
  • Do not remove the wrists of the hand that you have folded while the hand is moving.
  • Do not ask to see other players / handcuffed cards.
  • Do not give unnecessary advice to a player who has lost a big hand.
  • Do not send icons to other active players to show your cards or to disclose their views and interfere with their playing of the game

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