10 ways to Increase the value of your property


You have heavily invested your time and finances into your property and now it is time to turn the dream into a fully functioning reality

So, what is it you can do to increase the value of your property?

  1. Kitchen makeover; from a full-scale facelift to small cosmetic changes with great lighting, clean surfaces, and sufficient storage space. The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home and a refurb or declutter and refresh can dramatically improve the appeal of the property.
  • Updating the bathroom; the bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house and yet provides sanctuary for the occupiers of the property, focussing on adding space and updating facilities will indeed increase value to your property. Bath or shower? If you can, have both to ensure its family friendly.
  • Can the property be converted into smaller flats? Look into whether the property can be converted into smaller individual homes, especially in high demand rental areas. Rental properties will provide a consistent income over both a short and long-term.
  • Be smart and energy efficient; as energy prices are rising more investors and savvy property buyers are becoming more eco-conscious when looking at investing in a home. According to safewise dot com  ‘energy efficiency is a no risk venture.’
  • Open plan living area in the property; by opening up the living space in a property, you will be creating an aesthetically pleasing ‘wow factor’ offering lots of useful space as well as a light and airy feel. Many young families crave more space.
  • Converting garage or cellar spaces into living areas; according to property price advice dot com. this could add a potential value of 30% on to your property. Note: Always check out regulations on your property.
  • Loft Conversion into a bedroom; turning a loft in to another bedroom living space is considered to be a cheap way to add another level to the property. ‘Adding an extra bedroom to the home can add approximately 9-10% to its value, particularly if it is a loft conversion.’ according to Move with us dot com.
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  • Do you have the advantage of adding a conservatory? If you do have the space, then consider investing some of your budget into building a conservatory area on to the property. It could add an additional value of 10% on to your property. Don’t think 1980’s white UPVC to hot and cold, there are lots of modern variations available nowadays.
  • Making the most of your garden space; for most a garden is a place to be enjoyed all throughout the year and particularly in the summer when you can entertain guests outdoors. Look at how you can utilise the area to its full potential and keep it tidy to work well with the aesthetics of the property.
  1. And, finally plan your project accordingly. Ensure that all structural defects if any, are handled by qualified contractors in the industry. All maintenance, refurbs, and renovations that are properly coordinated and handled will obviously add value to the property you are working on. Initial problems such as cracked walls, leaky roofs, and damp will come with a high cost attached to them but once they have been fixed the value of the property will be increased.

Throughout the renovation process you may recognise that ideas and inspiration come to you very easily but dealing with the project management and day to day tasks are piling up in your inbox, on your desk and it’s all beginning to spiral out of control.

I get it, I have been there many times, which is why I have constructed a purposeful and easy to use budget planner spreadsheet to help you along with your renovation and refurbishment projects.

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Tackling the many parts of the project from the initial ideas on a mood board, the influx of invoices received from contractors. Keeping track of quotes is daunting but using my planner spreadsheet will help to track all spend and alleviate any added pressure that comes hand in hand with project managing your dream renovation or refurbishment.

I have for many years worked with investors, sourcing properties in the Greater Manchester area, renovating and refurbishing them to add value. I pride myself on delivering a personal project management service as well as developing strong and long-term relationships that can stretch over future property journeys.

The mission of Alaine Bradbury Investments LTD is to share my valuable knowledge, information and wealth of experience with others in a fresh and friendly approach and by developing downloadable tools such as the renovation budget planner for others to use so I can pass on my skills and past experiences with others to allow their projects to run more smoothly. To learn more about Alaine Bradbury and property renovation, investment and sourcing then you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn or visit www.alainebradbury.co.uk/shop