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Pets are a common household entity and part and parcel of our family.

As pets are common in association with the ground and outdoor and if their hygiene is not taken care of these pets are often become prone to severe pest infestations.

It is very painful for them and a cause of the owner’s anxiety.

Over 56% of people all over the world own a pet. Pets are warmly associated with any person that their debilitated wellbeing can be a wellspring of trouble to its overseer and family.

In such a situation it is of most extreme significance to take great consideration of your pet and keep them ensured. Means hire the best pest control to give relief to your pets.

The bugs that normally assault our pets are:

●     Fleas:

Fleas are the most common and dangerous pest that is found associated with dogs and cats and any domesticated mammals as well as birds.

They transmit by jumping and feed on the blood of the animal causing infection and acute irritation.

Fleas can live up to 18 months and can multiply and infect other pets simultaneously.

The flea-infected pets are seen scabbing and scratching all over their body.

●     Ticks:

Unlike flea, ticks are far more dangerous for pets. Not only do they feed on blood but also carry deadly bacteria and pathogen with them and compromises your pet’s health. Multiple ticks can be found on your cat or dog.

Ticks can live up to a year on your pet and its eggs and larva can persist for years and later on turn into a fresh source of infections. The ticks hide inside the thick fur of the pets and are very hard to find.

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●     Flies:

Flies and Bees are more common invaders of outdoor pets like the horse, dog. They are less fatal than ticks and fleas but can cause harm to your pet whatsoever.

The bite of the bees and flies is painful in the first place and more seriously can also contaminate your pet’s blood with pathogens which can sometimes cost his life.

●     Mites:

Mites are arachnids that are found on dogs, cats, and horses.

They are generally transmitted from the mother and cause skin infection(mange), hair loss, itching, and redness in summer, and the pets become restless and irritated.

They can multiply at a tremendous rate causing two types

  1. Demodectic Mange
  2. Sarcoptic Mange

• Worms:

Worms are by far the most common problem in pets. They are the parasites living in the intestines, heart, or skin.

They take up the nutrients to thrive and inhibit the normal growth of the pet.

Worm infection causes Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Urine Infections (particularly in cats), poor appearance, and stunted growth. Worms can attack eyes or ears and may cost the ability to see or hear.

Heartworms can infect the heart of your pet and transmit its eggs to different areas through blood while tapeworms and roundworms are found in the intestines and they transmit their eggs and larva through the fecal matter of the infected pet.

Author Bio: Avijit Ghosh

Avijit Ghosh completed his M. Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta & higher studies of entomology from Indian Grain Storage Management and Research Institute (I.G.M.R.I.), Hapur, UP.
The author has more than twelve years of field experience since 2009. He worked as a certified entomologist in various reputed organizations.
Now he is a start-up entrepreneur of Mom’s Smile and Goodbye Pest, A unit of Aknamos Home Care Pvt. Ltd.
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