What Are The 3 Types of Control for Pests?


Controlling pests has become a mission to many homeowners in San Antonio. It’s because these pests can pose threats to your family’s health. 

Pests such as rats, fleas, and more can cause various diseases. Thus, the need for controlling pests has been so relevant. You can also keep these nuisances away by maintaining good hygiene at home. It could be as simple as throwing your trash bin, keeping household items clean, and removing stagnant water from containers lying around the corners of your house.

But how do you effectively control pests?

The answer to that question is pest control. The application of pest control depends on the kind of problem that you are having in your residence. There are different types of pest control services that you can use to control or eliminate the pests’ activities in your house. 

Thus, before you go over into the internet searching for pest control services in San Antonio, TX, make sure to read and get the basic knowledge of the pest control type that you will need in your home.

The 3 Types of Control for Pests

  • Pest Removal

Some pests don’t get eliminated easily with sprays or any other pesticides. Sprays only work well with insects. With pests like rats, raccoons, and other big nuisances, you will need a pest removal service to eliminate the infestation successfully.

The pest removal expert can come into your residence to make bait to find the larger pests hiding in your home. This type of controlling method can take a while before you see its result. Nonetheless, it’s a very effective way to wipe out the big-sized pests in your home.

  • Pest Extermination
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Pest extermination is the best option for eliminating crawling pests like the following:

  • Ants 
  • Cockroaches
  • Bedbugs
  • Fleas
  • Moth
  • Termites
  • Woodworm
  • Spiders
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitoes

These are only some of the examples of insects that you can eliminate quickly through pest extermination. Most often, residents need Mosquito control San Antonio due to the large amount we get from them. This type of method has several forms of application such as the following:

  • Insecticide sprays
  • Insect traps
  • Tenting 
  • Fumigation

These types of treatments can quickly eliminate the pest infestation in your home that makes you feel comfortable once again. If you are hesitating to use chemical sprays, you can ask your pest control service provider if they have “green sprays” available. Most pest control companies in San Antonio, TX, do offer sprays with lesser chemical contents.

  • Pest Prevention

To prevent yourself from being in a situation where you have to do pest removal or pest extermination, you have to do pest prevention. Pest prevention is a means of getting regular treatments to veer pests from entering your home. 

If you are unsure about how to do pest prevention effectively, call your local pest prevention company. Ask if they offer preventative expertise and programs to avoid and lessen the incidents of pest infestations. 

Ways to prevent pest infestation:

  1. Remove Sources of Food and Shelter

One of the reasons why pests love to stay in your place is because you have the things they need. Store the foods that you have in your kitchen in a sealed container. Throw your garbage in an enclosed bin to ensure that pests won’t have a feast on it.

  1. Reduce Home Clutter
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Home clutter is one of the many reasons why pests get attracted to your house. If you have papers or magazines scattered around your corner, pests would love to make it their hiding or breeding point.

By throwing those papers away or by recycling them, you are making a way to prevent the home’s nuisances from coming into your place.

  1. Close Possible Pests Entrances

One of the reasons why pests can get into your home is by holes and cracks in your house. There could be some hidden cracks or holes around your furniture that has been there for quite a long time. Inspect for a possible crack and caulk it to prevent any pests from entering.

If you find holes around your pipes, doors, or window frames, make sure that you will get them repaired.

  1. Stay Alert

When it comes to pests, staying alert is essential. When you go out, make sure to check that you have not brought with you any bugs that can grow in numbers and cause an infestation. If you noticed any pest activities, consider calling your local pest control service provider to check the issue’s extent.

Now that we arrived at the end of our topic, it’s vital to remember these three types of pest control that you can take as your basis to know which method perfectly fits your pest problems. You can also now prevent pests from coming to your home as you now have the necessary knowledge on how to keep them at bay. We always recommend organic pest control San Antonio services to all our clients as we also care about the environment. 

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