Commercial Plumbing Problems


Plumbing problems are not limited to people’s homes. Commercial properties and businesses also face plumbing issues that might require a professional plumber to handle. The added stress of plumbing concerns in a commercial facility is the potential negative impact on your productivity. You do not want plumbing issues to impact your bottom line. There are some common commercial property plumbing problems to look out for, but also consider taking some time to find a selection of commercial plumbing companies Perth, so you have shortlisted a provider when it comes to an emergency situation.

Leaking plumbing

Leaks are a lot more common in a commercial building than you might think. But things like leaking taps, cracked pipes, blocked or leaking toilets are all something that can happen in a commercial facility as well as a residential properties. The problem with ignoring what you may deem to be a harmless little drop from a tap or pipe is that it could indicate a larger and hidden problem hidden needs fixing. Or it could eventually lead to a larger problem when it is not dealt with quickly – leaks get worse over time. The cost of your utility bills will continually increase until a leak is dealt with. Additionally, the water can lead to structural damage and big concerns such as rot and mould. Ignoring these issues puts staff health at great risk. A licensed commercial plumber can investigate and fix your commercial property leak issues.

Blockages and clogs

Clogged drains, toilets and sewers are a big problem in a public commercial facility where there are lots of people using the system. Plumbing in older building can struggle to handle such volumes of usage. The best way to stop the clogging from being an issue is to have regular professional plumbing maintenance, Perth.

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Problems with the hot water supply

A lot of businesses in Australia have problems with their hot water and commercial plumbing companies Perth can help with that. Hot water heaters for commercial properties are a lot larger than in a home so it makes sense to find a plumber with experience in commercial repairs and maintenance.

Horrible odours

Sewer smells and such are particularly off-putting. In most cases, these odours mean there is a problem with your commercial facility’s plumbing. Pouring cleaners, bleach or unclogging chemicals often do not address the root cause of the issue.


As you can see there is a lot of importance in regular plumbing maintenance Perth, even for business properties. When you notice problems, give a commercial plumber a call. Element Plumbing & Gas are licensed, experienced and are ready to help. Consider having routine maintenance scheduled to keep your plumbing in good working order. Preventing major issues and repairs is the best way to prevent your commercial operations and profitability from being impacted.