Causes of Burst Pipes in Perth and What to do


Having pipes burst is one of the worst things you might have to manage with your plumbing system. Often it creates an emergency where you have to pay more to call in expert plumbers. It makes sense to have those plumbers at the top of your contact list, rather than rushing to find a local plumber whose reputation you’re unsure of. Burst pipes Perth does not have to cause terrible damage to your property, especially if you have expert plumbers ready to visit your property when you call. Otherwise, the costs and disruption to your life can be fairly high in more serious circumstances.

Finding an experienced plumber can prevent burst pipes

Before you run into the situation where you have a burst pipe in your home or business, it makes sense to do what you can to prevent it from happening. Investing in a plumber to carry out regular maintenance, using modern equipment to detect potential problems and offering affordable repairs is key. A licensed professional plumber can find and take care of any plumbing leak repair Perth, but the sooner they detect it the better. The longer you ignore a leak the worse the problem can become. The last thing you need is major repairs that come with major costs.

Causes of burst pipes, Perth

Some of the more common reasons why people have to deal with burst pipes in Perth include;

● Too much pressure – If there is a block or clog in the plumbing system this causes a build-up of pressure that can lead to pipes bursting
● A change in temperature – If the temperature gets cold enough to freeze the pipes the water in the pipes expands. This can cause the pipes to burst. While this is a less common cause in Perth with its warmer climate, it can still happen.
● Corrosion – At a certain age the pipes can start to corrode and that damages them and can lead to a burst pipe
● Pipes hammering – Pressure changes in old pipes makes them move around and as well as causing loud hammering noises can cause burst pipes

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Signs to look for that might indicate a leak or burst pipe is about to happen
Some things to look out for that indicate you might need someone with plumbing expertise to check things out;

  1. Seeing water damage on the walls or ceilings
  2. Flaking plaster, peeling wallpaper or paint close to plumbing fittings
  3. Loss of pressure in your water system
  4. Hearing the sound of running water or a low rumbling when there are no taps turned on
  5. Small puddles of water pooling outside the property could show a problem with underground pipes

Plumbing leak repair Perth

Whatever the cause of your leak or burst pipe, you’ll desperately need it fixed. Rely on the trustworthy and licensed experts at Element Plumbing & Gas. It might be tempting to put it off, especially when you have budget worries, but you’ll save costs in the long term because a burst pipe can cause even more damage when it is ignored.