What Are The Essential Appliances In A Modern Kitchen?

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With so many appliances available in the market, it can be misleading to decide on the essentials for your kitchen, especially if you do not have a lot of space. While most kitchen appliances help make work easier, some are so useful that you can’t do without them. In today’s thought book, we present a list of essential appliances that every modern kitchen should have.

1. A Food Processor

You may wonder if you really need one in your kitchen, especially if you have a small family and do not have to cut or grate in large quantities. However, once you use a food processor, you will be sold at a profit. Now you don’t have to worry about cooking for a big party because the food processor will make things easier than you ever imagined! Whether it is to knead dough or to chop vegetables, the food processor will make you more efficient in the kitchen.

2. A Blender

Whether it is a countertop blender or a handheld immersion-style one, it is another indispensable gadget in the kitchen. From simplifying the process of making soups and sauces to making spice paste for traditional dishes, you can’t do without one, and it doesn’t hold a lot of space in the kitchen, especially if you opt for the model at hand.

3. Electric Mixer

You may wonder if you need an electric mixer if you have a food processor. However, if you like to bake, this is a device that is worth investing as it can whip up large amounts of batter in an instant. Even if you are not big on baking, you should consider getting a hand mixer for whipping cream or even your egg-white being fluffy for an omelet. This will relieve the pain of wandering things by hand.

4. Pressure Cooker

In kitchens, where one needs to cook lentils, meat, or rice, the pressure cooker reduces the cooking time. Without it, you have to spend hours on the stove until a dish is cooked. With a pressure cooker, all you need to do is put the lid on and wait for a certain number of whistles. Nowadays, you also get electric pressure cookers, which allow you to set a timer.

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5. Electric Kettle

In earlier times, electric kettles were considered unnecessary because one could always boil water on the stove. However, it is worth getting for your kitchen as it is not only functional but also helps in saving energy. An electric kettle boils water faster if you heat it on a gas stove, and it uses less energy. If your family likes several cups of tea or coffee a day, an electric kettle is a must for the kitchen.

6. Fridge

Perhaps, the refrigerator is the most useful appliance in any kitchen because it not only helps keep food fresh but also prevents wastage as you can store it until the next meal instead of throwing it out. Refrigerators come in many sizes, so you can also find one for small kitchens. Before you buy one, consider the amount of food you will store daily because it will help you estimate the capacity that is best suited for your family. Also, consider the features that you need. For example, a side-by-side refrigerator may be best in a large family kitchen, which requires more freezer space. Some homeowners may prefer refrigerators with adjustable shelves that allow vessels of varying heights to be stored in it.

Additionally, you should look at the star rating of the refrigerator to ensure that it is energy efficient. In general higher star rating, the better the energy savings. You can consult a professional kitchen planner to choose the right refrigerator for your kitchen.

Essential Kitchen Appliances

7. Water Purifier

Gone are the days when someone had time to boil water on the stove and wait for it to cool down before filling the bottle to drink. Nowadays, with busy lifestyles, installing a water purifier is a more convenient option as you can get potable water within a few minutes. There are many types of water purifiers. If you select one with reverse osmosis, keep in mind that a lot of wastewater will be pumped out, so there needs to be a provision in your kitchen to collect water and reuse it. In addition, you will get water purifiers with different types of technology. Check the size of the unit and whether it can fit in a designated place in your kitchen. It is also appropriate to select a model that requires minimal maintenance.

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8. Microwave

Microwave ovens represent an effective way to heat food stored in the fridge, saving you the hassle of transferring it to cookware to heat it on the stove. Microwaves come in various watts. Some models also have a convection feature that lets you bake them. Before you make the perfect decision for your kitchen, consider the place where it will stand and the power wattage as it will affect the energy consumption in your kitchen.

9. Coffee Maker

For those who like coffee and prefer to have several cups of it in a day, an electric coffee maker should be in the kitchen. The best models come with an option to make different types of coffee such as espresso and lat. If you are a coffee connoisseur who likes to give his guests a taste of the exotic brew, do not skimp on the coffee maker for your home.

10. Toaster

Although some people might argue that a toaster in the kitchen is not an essential tool because you can toast bread on a pan on a gas stove, an electric toaster is far more convenient because you need to pop the slices into the appliance let it work. This is perfect for a quick breakfast when you are in a hurry, or for an easy breakfast. Toasters come in two-slice and four-slice options. Choose a model based on your family’s needs.

11. Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are not indispensable like refrigerators, but they provide convenience in the kitchen because all you have to do is keep the rice and water in the appliance and let it cook, allowing you to multitask. Modern rice cookers come with attachments that enable them to double as steamers, so you can use them to steam vegetables and moms, even when you run out of gas.

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12. Dishwasher

Not everyone feels the need for a dishwasher in the kitchen, especially if they have someone to wash the dishes. However, a dishwasher is a useful tool not only from a hygiene point of view but also because it serves as a backup for the days when the assistant does not come in handy. The dishwasher requires an electrical connection as well as inlet and outlet pipes, so unlike some other countertop gadgets, you will need a space for this when you are designing your kitchen. Consult an interior designer or kitchen planner to help provide space for a dishwasher in your kitchen.

These are essential tools commonly used in kitchens. In addition, other appliances such as an electric grinder, sandwich maker, and grill are worth considering for your kitchen, depending on the kind of dishes you cook, or your family prefers. Get tips on maintaining your home appliances.