Common Frigidaire brand issues and interesting case.


Frigidaire appliances are very popular choice when it comes to appliances as they offer smart design and features. Frigidaire appliances are fairly affordable and are great choice for those customers who have budget in mind but would like quality appliance at great price. That being said all brands have problems and flaws and Frigidaire is not an exclusion. Following is some of the common problems with Frigidaire appliances.


In recent months our technicians were called out to number of service calls for Frigidaire refrigerators that were still cooling but there was an issue with lights not coming on in fresh food section as well as intermittent work of user interface. Customers complained that user interface was not functioning or would show power failure when fridge door was opened and in some occasions showed error message. Such codes include “SY CE” or “SY CF”. These codes, according to technical sheet suggest that main control board of the refrigerator is not communicating properly with user interface board prompting an error message to be displayed. The first step suggested by Frigidaire technical support is to check wiring from main control board to user interface board to eliminate any broken wires. Often time wiring ran through door hinge of the fridge and with time can be damaged from opening and closing the door. If wiring checks out, next step is to replace main control board as it control all functions of the fridge and often is the reason for this failure. It is also suggested by Frigidaire to replace both main control board and user interface board as new control board most likely will come with updated software and might not be compatible with old user interface board.

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Another issue with Frigidaire refrigerators that have ice maker in fresh food section is rotten insulation behind ice maker. This problem often get overlooked by both customers and technicians as it takes time to develop and might not affect function of the fridge right away. Essentially the issue is that insulation behind the ice maker is not sufficient from the factory and with time as cooling loop of ice maker freezes and melts doing its function the condensation start to form behind ice maker causing rust ,and in severe cases, leaks on the floor behind the fridge causing water damage to the floor. Unfortunately this issue does not have a solution and fridge need to be replaced.

Within Tricity area of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody as well as Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge, Frigidaire appliances are common and quite popular and as a result we at Tricity Appliances Quality Service have a vast experience dealing with all sorts of Frigidaire appliances when they break down and in need of service or repair. If you are experiencing problems with your Frigidaire appliance, do not hesitate to contact us by phone 778-488-0397 or email or visit our web site

Frigidaire Affinity washer.

Few weeks back our technician was called for a service call on a Frigidaire Affinity washer. As per customer washing machine was not filling with water. Upon arrival technician immediately tested washer to check water supply. During the test water came in to washer. As an extra step technician went to the back of the machine to check inside the cabinet of the washer for extra damages and to ensure proper function of the washer. When rear cover was taken of technician noticed a spring laying on the floor of the washer right underneath the door bellow. When customer was asked if someone was working on the machine before he quickly remembered that couple of weeks back another company was called due to leak and diagnosed that door boot came off and put the door boot back. The spring found on the washer floor is an inner door boot spring that holds it in place. According to customer, technician that came to put door boot in place advised that spring was put back on. After learning this story our technician went ahead and removed front cover from the machine including the counter balance weights to reinstall door boot spring properly.

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With a vast choice of appliance repair Coquitlam companies available nowadays it is extremely important to choose a company for your appliance needs carefully. At Tricity Appliances our technicians have experience and knowledge necessary to fix any problem with your appliance and do so efficiently. For service of your Frigidaire appliance please fill out our service request form at or call 778-488-0397