Tips for Decorating Your Outdoor Garden

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1. Use jewelry as a GF

Much more than a later one, garden ornaments can guide how you shape and use your outdoor space, and influence how you feel when you are in it. An iron gate can mark the entrance to the green world, a lantern hanging from a tree elevates your viewpoint, a curved bench inspires a nap. Carefully placed, yet practical, these elements provide a subtle but effective clue: turn here. Look slow down. They give a garden space a complete look in all four seasons. The trick is not excessive. Shown experienced iron pendant, hanging from a tree above a bed, with some bulbs, which are taken out for a radiant glow.

2. Design for outdoor room

Susie Bail, an interior designer, says, “A furnished garden should not look too beautiful or be understated.”, Along with her architect husband, Ed envisioned gardens on their rolling acres in Southern California. Their goal: to make the outside rooms as comfortable as the inside. Shown: At the entrance of a passageway comes out of a pillar the size of a pillar, with an iron bell hanging from a nearby tree.

3. Do not be afraid of patina

Just as they recall their 1950s ranch in the style of a Tuscan farmhouse, the couple wanted a landscape with Patina. He began by following henna, solitude, Virginia creeper, and white ‘iceberg’ roses in a simple, mostly green palette with pepper, cypress, and Chinese elm trees. “Garden decoration can get lost in a highly colorful landscape,” he says. “For us, most of our stone ornaments are busy parts, and they pop against a green background.” Some items were taken on their travels, they may have been genealogical and empowered, but they share the land with catalogs and nursery finds, so nothing seems precious. Read on to find out how they used decorative items to create an attractive outdoor landscape for living spots. A lantern sits on a stone shelf, with a mirror providing a window onto the green world.

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4. Repeat the exterior style of your home

Whatever the style of your home, jewelry can take it to the landscape, basing the building in your establishment. Here, iron vases are set with matched terra cats pedestals, to harmonize with the rustic stone-clad entry. In the courtyard, a pediment and potted succulents decorated with dolphins echo the theme and form a focal point. The stone of the house is raised in pavers, seamed with grass that softens the walk to the front door.

5. Dress up Garden Entrance

Even in a small landscape, a sequence of discrete locations, connected by routes and routes, adds a sense of mystery and detail to a simple stroll. Beal created a journey that begins with a wisteria-draped arbor near the house and prevents winds from the terraced, hiking, and down steps that continue the eye-catching, Weatherworn Stone theme. The paths indicate; Iron arches and gates — many gardeners supply catalogs and covered with bells — make the transition to different areas. Potted bougainvillea, citrus trees, and palms further accent entries, as do facials operating on pedestals.

Excellent Decorating of outdoor landscape garden

6. Packing of goods in the overall scheme

The style of any table and chairs you choose has a major impact on the look of your outdoor spaces, of course. But they should also be united with other decorative items and the materials you use. Bertels found inexpensive rust-wrought iron dinner sets in pottery. With additional chairs scattered around the paved “carpet”, they create a casual lounge for cocktails and conversation.

7. Select suits for outdoor

Elsewhere, the couple built an outdoor living room, but instead of all-weather weather wicker, they chose roll-arm wicker chairs from an import shop and seasoned them with spray-on marine varnish. Concrete pot-yard paddles double as extra seats and cocktail tables. A black oval aluminum dining set anchors the main assembled-round dining space.

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8. Take the light to another level.

When the moon is illuminated by the brightness of the moon and when the well-planted electric light spotlights trees and light passages in the most landscaped. landscape after dark. The Beal took their lights a step further hanging grave outdoor lanterns from the bushes of trees. He also used tall streetlight-style lamps to punch patties and roundabouts. All these fixtures coordinate with the lights on the exterior walls of the house.

9. In addition to soloing favorite specimens for showcase plant collection bots and pedestals, Beal grouped container plants where they could appreciate them at eye level. Ed, whose passion is succulent aeronauts, senesces, echeverias, agaves displays them on a vintage pine table and a painted chest of drawers that he coated with a waterproof seal for wood. “If you tuck these plants in the bed, they will disappear,” Susie noted. “Here, you can study all their unusual shapes.”

10. Let decorative elements play sound

Hearing the trick of water is all-but-unending greed to discover a garden. By listening to its music, you want to track it to its source, and in the Beal landscape, there are many. A fountain with an octagonal basin creates a liquid soundtrack for the herb garden. Another echoing the shape of a column of Italian cypress trees nearby, amidst flower-like showers, humming in droplets. Both pieces were pottery-yard scores.