Check Powder Rooms You and Your Guests Will Booth Love

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In a small powder room without much access to natural light – for example, a windowless space under the stairs – embrace the moodier, edgier atmosphere with darker colors and dimmer lighting. In this powder room designed by Tams in Johnson, concrete floors, shiny marble sinks, and modern wallpapers set the right mood.

Contrast pattern

While this may feel like a big commitment to make too much of a pattern master bath, it is totally fun in a powder room. In contrast, you are an abstract floor pattern with whimsical wallpapers, but keep them within the same color family. In this powder room designed by Change & Co., cool and sophisticated blue tones balance the fun prints.

Increase privacy

Add a partial wall to increase privacy and create more depth. In this bathroom designed by Emily Henderson, the partition really makes space feel larger and more dynamic. Using bright white with gold light fixtures breaks the sea of ​​white.

Tile your wall

Make your powder room stand out with a fun tile. Tile half of your wall so that it does not look too heavy. In this pink bathroom designed by Aren’t & Pyre, peony tiles on the upper half ring from round design, round mirrors to round wooden drawer handles, while pink metro tiles add a pop of color and contrast.

Mix old and new

This bathroom, designed by Studio Lifestyle, features classic black-and-white marble floors, delicate sconces, and ornate antique-inspired vanity embodies an old-world charm, while modern furnishings add a fresh spin.

Recycle materials

There are plenty of ways to convert old items into functional, stylish items. For example, you can save wallpaper scraps from previous projects for instant art, or you can take notes from Leanne Ford interiors and turn a bucket into a rustic, one-of-a-kind sink.

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Your favorite color

Embrace a favorite color in a powder bath – this is the perfect time to get bold and make a jewel box. Heather Hilliard went here with an energetic and excited and green and Fikias wallpaper.


The sleek material you need is just adornment, as design firm Heckler Guthrie proves Lux in this tribute and flow modernity.

Add a floating shelf

If your powder room is small and lacks built-in storage space, clean up clutter, and add more surface room for knock-knock by installing shelves. Do this just above the toilet or under the mirror and above the sink, as in this space designed by Lean Ford.


Spruce up

Designer Nina Farmer added a retro feel to the retro sync by adding a beautiful Robert Crowder and co marble effect wallpaper. The original wainscoting was painted in the palm of Farrow and Ball, which complements the paper and makes the powder room seem more formal. We also like the oddity of bathroom mirror placement. So consider the proof that you do not need to completely redo the powder room to feel fresh.

Use neutrals

A small space can feel chaotic, sharp — especially if you are using bold patterns. Keep on a neutral palette and you can get away with too much. In this contemporary powder room designed by Heckler Guthrie, neutral tones allow for contrasting texture with interesting materials and pop without heavy textures. The convex mirror is also an interesting touch.

Go monochrome

For timeless powder rooms, keep things black and white (is there a combo that is more classics?). But keep things fresh by swapping in seasonal and bright floras. In this space designed by NICOLEHOLLIS Studios, the mix of materials with beautiful orange flowers keeps things interesting.

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A mute wallpaper house

Even patterns ever can get on board with a monochrome print. The Powder Room, designed in Studio DB, has sweet and light wallpaper that revolves in marble vanity.

Accent with Lucite

As there is no need to meet every day needs under a powder room sink, the vanity is relieved of its storage work and strictly becomes a statement piece. A Lucite-framed mirror in zingy yellow continues the theme of transparency.

Install towel rack and hook

When you need a huge mirror to see a seriously quiet sconce instead? With chic Art Deco-inspired statements, this bathroom designed by Studio DB is also super functional, thanks to the towel hook and rack.

Space savers

This small for a powder room, a mirror hanging at an angle above a corner maximizes every inch (and clutter can stand behind the skirt of the fabric). Wedgewood plates and round accent tables help mimic the fox and add charm.

Make it shine

Opt for high-gloss paint or glossy zeolite tiles that capture sunlight for a striking powder room. Looking good on one hand, this Heckler Guthrie-designed space has all the powder room essentials, too, from towel strips to privacy curtains and mirrored cabinets.

The walls

It is easy to feel stuck or confined when decorating a room with small powder. When in doubt, use your vertical space and wall decorator. Take, for example, this powder room in the house of Alana Michelle Ralph. With light blush pink wall colors and an adjoining gallery of eclectic artwork, the small space leaves a strong impression.

Add a full length mirror

Mirrored walls can make a small space feel twice its size. Here, aren’t and pike built the entire wall behind the sink, making a huge impact, taking up no space. And when you can’t bring a power drill and install a wall hook for the linen, bring in a stool and slide it next to the sink.

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Bring Color Pops

When used in such a small space, it seems energetic rather than being a massive print heavy of silk kit wall covering. The reverse-painted frame of the 1820 French mirror keeps the graphic pattern coming.