6 Magnetic Window Cleaner Types and User Guide

megnetic window
  1. Prepare a clean slate

The cleaning solution you use for this is very important. Don’t just use a random soap to wash the windows, make sure you use one that can make the solution soapy. The magnetic window cleaner needs this so that it can easily slip on the window surface.

2. Wet every part of the magnetic window cleaner

Do you remember that I mentioned earlier that a magnetic window cleaner usually comes with two magnetic parts that attract and hold each other when placed on either side of the window? At this stage, you will soak each of these parts in the solution

Do not immerse the parts together in the solution.  Other wise they will stick to each other. Dip them separately and make sure they are well-fed.

  • Place magnetic parts on each side of the window

After wetting the two parts of the magnetic window cleaner, place it on each side of the window you want to clean. The correct way to do this is to keep the inside large and the small outside.

You can use a protective cord to attach to the outside of the window to prevent the outside from falling. After that, hold the two parts together and slowly close the window.

4.Gently clean the window

Once you have joined the two parts together from both sides and closed the window, you can start cleaning. Walk slowly Don’t hurry Clear the magnetic ¬†window, focusing in one direction at a time, starting from the bottom.

Make sure every part of the glass window is properly cleaned. Once you are sure that you have cleaned the window thoroughly, slowly move the device to where you can easily reach the part outside the window. Separate the two parts and bring them out

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5.Clean the residue

When using a magnetic window cleaner, it is not uncommon for some lines to remain on the glass windows. If you leave them like this, the cleaning professional will not be there. The windows will not be as bright as they were supposed to be.

To get rid of these lines, wet a clean, microfiber cloth (in a magnetic window cleaner package) with clean water. Then place it on each part of the tool and use it to clean both sides of the window.

6.Clean your tools

Once you have cleaned both sides of the window, clean your tools. Let them dry and then store them in appropriate places.