Pest Control Guide

Pest Control Guide

Pest problems, whether at home or business, can be frustrating. Whatever the type of pest you are dealing with, you need to understand that paying attention to getting rid of is of the essence.

Pest problems, when left unattended can grow to become an infestation. A pest infestation will not only compromise your health but can also compromise the structural integrity of your building. To ensure that your home or business is rid of pest problems, you may want to begin with a pest inspection service in Myrtle Beach

What is a pest inspection service?

The first line of action is to hire a professional pest control expert to inspect your home or business for the presence of pests. Sometimes, you may feel there is a pest problem or a looming pest problem in your home, however, to better understand the extent of the problem, you need an expert to take a look and ascertain the real problem.

A pest control company will send out experts to inspect the building, identify the pest problem as well as the extent of the spread.

During a pest control inspection, you can look forward to the following;

– A pest control professional will visit you to assess your property and to establish the presence of pests, the type of pests, and what to do to address the pest problem.

– A thorough inspection of your property, both the insides and the outsides, to ensure that all possible pest hotspots are identified. The pest control professional should also be able to identify the common entry points of pests into your home or surrounding areas.

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– The pest inspection expert should come equipped with a flashlight that allows them visibility in dark areas including attics and crawl spaces. You can also expect the professional to come with a mirror, telescope, and other common tools.

– In the aftermath of the inspection, the professional should offer a detailed report that tells you what you need to know about the pest problem in your home. The expert should also be able to recommend customized treatment plans to address the pest problem.

Pest Prevention

One of the greatest ways to deal with pest problems is to be proactive about them. Being proactive about pest problems does not mean you have to wait for the problem to start before you address it, it can mean that you should take necessary steps to ensure that the problem is prevented even before it starts.

Proactive prevention of pest problems is a lot cheaper compared to addressing pest problems. To ensure that your home and business are free from pest problems, below are some of the recommended pest prevention tips.

– Sweep the home daily to get rid of common pests that can, over time, become a menace. Swab the walls and corners regularly to deal with cobwebs and kill spiders before their population grows. Be sure to keep your home free from dust and dry at all times. Most pests are interested in damp areas, avoid this. You should also avoid storing materials like papers, newspapers, boxes, and paper bags for long periods. These usually form a foundation for pest problems.

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– Addition of curtains and nets to your windows can help you to screen pests out. You should also pay attention to the doors and walls to ensure that there are no openings that can be exploited by pests.

– Your kitchen is one of the biggest targets when a pest problem starts. Pay attention to the kitchen and make sure that it is clean at all times. Be sure to wipe surfaces after use to prevent the accumulation of crumbs that invite small pest problems into the home. Also, take active steps to eliminate garbage.

– Be sure to keep your kitchen waste and garbage in covered bins. Also, make sure that these covered bins are located away from the home and doors.

– Avoid the presence of stagnant bowls of water as this can attract mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, and other pests.

– Cardboard boxes are known to invite termites, cockroaches, and other pests into the home. Be sure to avoid its use as much as possible.

Pest control

There are two main approaches to pest control. You can either choose to hire the professionals to get the job done or you can push to do it yourself. Certain pest problems cannot be handled on your own and require attention from experts. This is because the experts are familiar with the problem and can address it from its root.

If your pest problem is still at its earliest stages and you wish to approach it on your own, there are home remedies that can help.

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– Use baking soda mixed with an equal part of sugar to kill cockroaches

– Slice cucumber to get rid of ants, flies, mites, wasps, moths, and other insects.

– Soak a cotton ball in peppermint oil and place it at entryways to get rid of mice.