Inspiring Ideas for having a garden wall at home


What techniques to follow to get in the apartment a garden wall. Where it should made to furnish the finest. How it enhances the room’s mood. For making your own at home, here are 10 fun ideas.

You always wanted to take care of and grow beautiful gardens enchanted if you were lovers of the green, nature, and perfumes, but you’re stuck for an outdoor space, you don’t need to despair.

In recent times, the vertical garden is very trendy and a fascinating technique for decorating the apartment, even more, provocative if it is in the form of a carpet on the wall.

The impression would be that a small personal forest catapults into an oasis. This naturalistic touch is quite fitting for urban apartments, both for the living room and other building rooms.

In this way, you can give the living room a touch of nature, create a relaxation room where the senses lost in the plants’ green, or embellish the bathroom as if to insert all the elements of a woodland glimpse.

Let ‘s look at some fun ideas together to build the ideal wall garden for your flat.

Living complement

Entering the plants is always a fascinating decision that can establish a charming and certainly alive one within an apartment. Little investment in decorating your house’s walls will make your living very serene because it gives a look of nature, and closing to nature gives peace of mind. You may avail hirts gardens coupon to get varierty of plant decorations pots and other accessories.

After a long day, spending time with their mates, watching a movie or reading a good book, the living room is the place that most attracts the conviviality and relaxation of the senses. We’ll also find space in the living room to enjoy our vertical garden.

Living complement

A wall just behind the sofa would be the best choice for designing the right artifact of light; we would be able to build a natural fragment that would give an attractive yet soothing look to the living room.

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Enhance the bathroom

Often underrated, the bathroom makes you not only to play with colors but also with decorative accessories and dares to. Having the wall of the sinks fully covered with plants would almost give you the feeling when you look in the mirror of being catapulted into the forest.


It can seen that the synagogue between water and green produces the ideal forest atmosphere when the bathroom’s wall highlighted. If the vertical garden overlooking the shower, like a waterfall that overflows from head to foot, the green envelops the senses to make you feel at one with nature, even more, charming and appealing.

Geometrically suggestive

With a vertical garden that uses the wall’s geometry, one can think of emphasizing the atmosphere inside a living room where the walls have a distinctive form. You can dare to play with a game of plant joints that will enhance the sofa corner in a loft room that shows an L-shaped form of the wall. They will reinforce the design created by the correct lighting and choice of indoor evergreen plants dedicated to a particular wall area, without exceeding and becoming coarse.


Fraction of green

If you don’t like the idea of greenery covering a whole wall, we can recreate a portion of a vertical garden that will certainly give the room beauty and elegance.

It will offer a modern but simple look in the living room’s relaxation area or directly over the head of the sofa to devote part of the wall to the green, echoing nature.


Enhance a wall

In addition, the vertical garden can be used to upgrade a specific room wall, so we can highlight the fitted wall of the TV in the living room cleanly and elegantly.


The plants that can be picked for your taste, interesting and relaxing for the senses, will perfect that portion that will always stand out in our eyes and will undoubtedly draw the attention of anyone who enters the living room.

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To see the vertical gardens included in this room, space, light, architecture, and kitchen intoxicate the senses and boost the kitchen’s value. If we have a living area that is almost open, may be divided by a glass window, the natural wall that we are going to replicate in the kitchen would also offer a chic touch to the living room from which it can be seen.

In this way, the kitchen accessories are immersed in luxurious plants, which are more fitting than those in direct contact with food and nature. Building the perfect play of lights and letting us advise on installing the best plant species, giving your inspiration life.

More ideas

Wall does mean the house ‘s four walls and the development of a booth within a specially large room or just to divide a portion of the room from another. Enhancing the apartment in this way helps you to build a special complement that is definitely welcoming.

It would be a strange idea to give space to the imagination by making the air purer in the living area, creating a calming air separated and surrounded by greenery to calm the mind and give added value to the living room’s moments.