Delicious Dinner For Memorable Christmas Party

Delicious Dinner For Memorable Christmas Party

Now everywhere you can be the vibe of Christmas from home to market. Everyone is busy with Christmas preparation. The shopkeeper is storing things for sale. We are busy making lists and other things. But those who are throwing a lavish Christmas party or a small get together. What are you guys doing? Your preparation is done or not. I know, you have decided on the theme of the decor. You have decided what you will wear. You have decided about the cake. You have decided on gifts.

You have decided each and everything. But what about the main course? It’s a Christmas party, so the main course should be lavish, delicious and a little spicy. Because we all eat too much sweet food at Christmas. Don’t worry, it will not be too spicy. You can manage spicy food according to your desire. But have you decided on a menu for the main course? If your answer is no, then don’t worry, I am here to make it yes. In today’s menu, there will be some traditional and authentic Christmas food. But there will be lots more tasty dishes from different countries. Those dishes, which are now part of our life. 


Come on guys, it’s Christmas, so only online Christmas Cakes are not enough. It should be some delicious and non-veg dishes also. That’s why I added biryani to our list. Your favorite, my favorite chicken biryani. If you want to go for mutton biryani. I would suggest Hyderabadi mutton biryani. It’s just delicious, but yes it’s spicy. Lucknow and my favorite Kolkata chicken biryani are just mouthwatering. Your guest will love it in the main course. On a winter night, this will make your guest feel warm and happy. This is the most delicious main course ever. To enhance the flavor you can serve raita and salad with it. 

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White sauce pasta

This is one of the favorite dinners and lunches of those who are diet conscious. This is the world’s favorite dish, especially for dinner. Your guest will be very happy to see this mesmerizing beautiful dish at the food counter. To make it look more beautiful, you can complement it with flowers. You just need to order for the cheap flower delivery in Bangalore. And the best and fresh flowers will be at your door. You can use a red rose in biryani too. 

Roasted potato 

How can we forget our traditional roasted potato? None of the dishes can match the level of those crispy and classic roasted potatoes. You can enjoy it with butter naan happily. This is one of the yummiest, and kid’s favorite dishes ever. 

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Turkish food 

It doesn’t matter what else you are serving in the main course. But Christmas dinner can’t be complete without Turkish food. Potatoes are also a major part of Turkish Christmas dinner, and yes how can we forget carrots. If you don’t know how to cook that classic Turkish Christmas dinner. You can order online just like you order cake online. There are lots of places that serve authentic traditional Turkish Christmas food. So there will be nothing difficult for you. 

Thai curry

Thai curry has a craze between the people who love gravy food. Yes, don’t forget one thing that, Christmas dinner, I mean Christmas main course can’t be dry. Thai curry, your guests will enjoy it a lot. Especially, when you will add different types of prices in your main course menu. Because Thai curry goes very well with the rice. Everyone will love to have this on Christmas. 

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Roasted whole Mackerel 

Who can say no to the roasted fish? I can say no because I don’t like seafood. But there are millions of people who love seafood, and it is good for health. My father loves a lot of fish. Roasted fish has a different level of the craze in which fish curry can’t match. Serve roasted whole mackerel with some half cut lemon, some lettuce, cucumber, and a lemon squeeze onion ring. This will be a perfect Christmas dinner for so many people. Especially for the seafood lover and diet conscious people. You can serve garlic bread also with it. It tastes quite good with it. 

These are the few dishes that I suggest you all for Christmas dinner. All are easily available in the market. You can cook all these things in your kitchen, and trust me you will love to cook these foods. All are so delicious, your guest will remember your Christmas dinner taste for a long time. Because all these dishes are mostly people’s favorite and yummy.