How an Electrician Becomes a Level 2 Electrician

level 2 electrician

ASP stands for Accredited Service Provider. A level 2 ASP electrician is one that has trained and legally allowed to operate all level 2 electrician work such as connecting and disconnecting properties from the mains, overhead and underground cabling, private power pole installation, metering and so on. When you need a level 2 electrician near me, you need to make sure they are accredited to handle the work. Here is a look at how an electrician becomes level 2 and an ASP.

Six steps to becoming a level 2 electrician

  1. Getting their electrical contractors license – before they can get the level 2 qualification under the Accredited Service Provider scheme an electrician must first have their license to work as an electrician. This is 4 years of on-site and practical learning with 3 years of study 1 day a week.
  2. They must select the class of ASP and the level they want to work on – There are 3 levels and the level 2 electrician has 4 classes or categories.  There is a level 1 electrician, a level 2 electrician and a level 3 electrician (works on designing distribution networks). The four classes are 2A – service line reconnect and disconnect, 2B – working with service conductors underground, 2C – working on service conductors overhead, 2D – Installing network service equipment and meters                    
  3. Filling out the paperwork for the course – next the electrician must find a course provider and fill out their application and have all the requirements to hand. They have to pay a fee too. The course is for one week or 14 hours.                      
  4. Applying for accreditation – when they have completed the course successfully and paid for it they can then receive accreditation.
  5. Applying for authorization to work – when they have the accreditation from the authority then they need to apply to one of the supply networks for authorisation. This involves a check of not just their training and accreditation but also of their testing equipment, Level 2 equipment and safety equipment. They are not authorised until that check is signed off.  
  6. The electrician can now start working as a qualified level 2 ASP electrician – With the authorisation complete they are now allowed to legally work and offer services connected to level 2 electrical works. They will have to go to a training course every year to refresh their knowledge, the safety rules and what work they can do. They will also have to go through a yearly audit to make sure they are working to the standards and rules stated to keep their level 2 qualification.   
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When you are looking for a level 2 electrician near me make sure they have the proper accreditation and authorisation. That is how you can best ensure they work safely to the highest of standards. You can check their license and look online to confirm it is genuine. Whether you want to install a private power pole, need underground cabling repaired or a meter moved and re-installed, these are jobs for a level 2 electrician only.