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There are many milestones in your child’s life, and for each new stage of development, your child reaches, you as a parent feel a very special pride. In its first year, your baby has to go through an incredible development from the first small movements, to rolling from the stomach to the back to later be able to sit, crawl and walk.

You can read more about when a baby can sit on this page. It is different when the baby can sit by itself or sit in everything from a highchair to a car seat and baby jogger.


Do you know the concept of sitting fashion? This is the term used when a baby is allowed to sit down. It differs from child to child when a baby is allowed to sit on its own, but most children can already sit up for a short time from the age of six months. However, it is also quite normal for children to only be able to sit when they are eight months old because there is a big difference in the development of individual children.

Can’t your nugget sit without support? Do not support your baby with pillows in the back unless the baby can sit on its own. This will damage the motor development, and you will therefore have to wait for sitting activities until your baby is ready to sit by himself.


You need to take good care of your baby’s back. It is therefore a good idea to limit the use of “baby containers” where the child is locked in a certain position. Nevertheless, a baby is not harmed by sitting for a short time in a car seat, and when newborn babies have to go home from the hospital, they are often transported home by car. However, it is not recommended that infants be strapped into a car seat for more than 30 to 40 minutes at a time. If it is necessary to drive a longer trip, the baby can in rare cases sit in a car seat for two hours at a time.

In that case, it is recommended to take breaks along the way so that the baby can get up from the chair, put on a dry diaper, and get his body moved.


Your baby may sit in a high chair at six months of age, but you may only use the chair for a short time at a time because the baby is inactive in a high chair. Remember to set the chair correctly before letting your child sit in it and be aware that both the footplate and the brace fit your baby.


When your baby is allowed to sit in a recliner depends on how stiff in the back your little prince or princess is. A baby is basically allowed to sit in sloping steel from the time the baby is five to eight weeks old, so the chair is one of the first things you can get started using at home. Is your baby not stiff in the back? Then you have to wait to use the recliner until your baby is more than eight weeks old.

In the beginning, the baby must sit in the chair for a maximum of ten minutes so that the back is not strained, but slowly you can extend the time your child sits by himself.


Are you looking forward to rolling with the cart and showing the wonder to the whole world? Your baby must be in a pram from the age of 6 months, but should always lie flat in the lift.


There is a big difference when a baby is allowed to sit in a car seat. It depends on the chair you have bought, but in principle, infants and newborns may only drive short trips in a car seat.

When a baby is allowed to sit longer in a car seat is, therefore, a question of which chair you put the child in. However, it is important to always take many breaks when driving with your child, so feel free to rest longer in connection with nappy changing and breastfeeding.


When your baby is allowed to sit in a bicycle seat depends on when the child can sit by himself. It is determined by when the little one gets tired in the back. Be aware that a bicycle seat can be hard to sit in.


Do you have a bumbo chair for your baby? Your child must sit in a Bumbo chair when it can hold its head. Most children can therefore enjoy the chair when they are about four months old.


A ride in a stroller and baby jogger with a baby you have to wait with until your baby is six months old.


Is it time to replace the stroller with a stroller? From the time your baby is eight to ten months old, you can put the little one in a stroller. Remember that your child may only sleep in the pram if the backrest can be laid flat.

BABY CARRIER Your baby can sit in a sling right from birth, and many parents greatly benefit from the harness. You can either choose slings where the baby sits facing forward or facing you so that the baby can hear your heart sound.

Author: Tayyib irshad