Why should I get mattress cleaning done instead of buying a new mattress?

mattress cleaning

Have you ever been to a thrift store, or some other form of secondhand store, and noticed the mattresses for sale? They have some seriously big, theoretically-comfortable mattresses, but no one ever seems to want to buy them. With notable thrift stores, of which there are quite a few, this isn’t a fear of catching something. No, they are treated and sprayed and thoroughly laundered before being put on the floor.

No, it’s the stains. You see, mattresses do tend to stain easily, and anytime someone sees a stain on a mattress, they instantly assume that the stain came from something rather disgusting, and no amount of amateur steam cleaning and disinfection will make such a mattress appealing to the average person.

Today, I’d like to explain why you want the best mattress cleaning in Toronto, or the best mattress cleaning in Ajax. I want to explain why this is different than the amateur cleaning done at thrift stores, and why it is so much better than just buying a new mattress.

What causes mattress stains?

Okay, so aside from a few… private things… that can leave stains on mattresses, most stains come from sweat, spills of things like drinks and food, and animals. Most adults don’t wet the bed, though this is a common problem for a child’s mattress.

Larger, less prominent stains across the mattress simply come from sweaty, somewhat oily skin. Even if you don’t have particularly oily skin by dermatological standards, your skin so produces a lot of oils, and sweat activates these oils, mixing with dead skin cells, and creating this rather unpleasant substance often known as body soil. Yes, it’s gross, our bodies are gross things at the end of the day.

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While animal urine can be an exceptional challenge to eliminate, most of these other organic compounds can be dealt with if professional cleaners are employed.

How is this done?

Generally, you dropped the mattress off at the cleaners, though some services will come and get the mattress for you. It’s very rare that the mattresses cleaned on-site, unlike carpet, larger furniture or some other things in your home.

Professional, industrial-strength cleaning solutions are used which are gentle on fabrics and stuffing, but tough on those organic stains. Combined with technique and equipment, pretty much any stain can be eliminated from a mattress.

Is this cheaper than buying a new mattress?

Oh, absolutely, it is much cheaper to employ the best mattress cleaning in Toronto than to buy a new mattress. And, if you’re planning on upgrading to a bigger mattress anyhow, you might want to have your existing one clean, as you might be able to sell it thus reducing the cost of your upgrade.

You have a fair share of choices when it comes to the best mattress cleaning in Ajax, so be sure to read user reviews, and pay close attention to positive feedback, remembering that people aren’t generally positive on the Internet. Unless dissatisfied, people tend to be silent, so whenever someone is heavily praising a service, it’s definitely one that’s worth your interest.