What are Pests and How Do You Reduce Their Effects


Pest control is the process of reducing or getting rid of a wide range of insects from food. Therefore, you can use pest control anywhere where there is food whether it is at home, a place of a business, or even a public area. The main area where there is immense pest control is in the agriculture field. They are kept away by cultural, chemical, and biological means as well. There is a huge trend of using different techniques to get rid of these small insects. In agriculture, removing them can be done through applying insecticides and also by biological ways such as using natural enemies of the pets and introducing predators and parasites.

When we talk about homes and urban areas, then the main sort of pets are rodents, insects, birds, and other organisms as well. They feed on foods and ruin them. You can call up any pest control company Cape Town to ensure that they get rid of all the insects that are harming you. There are many measures how you can get rid of them. You or the company will use exclusion, chemical, repulsion, and physical means. You can also use biological methods such as sterilization.

What does pest control involve?

Some insects contaminate food items, damage structural timbers, chew through fabrics, and also destroy the infest stored dry goods. This can give major companies a good loss because it does not take days for the insects to catch up on something. Therefore, it may also cause other problems like various diseases or even cause fire hazards. Hence, controlling these pets have become necessary and there are some good ways how you can do so. There have been attempts to minimize this by improving sanitation and garbage control, using repellents, traps, pesticides, and other various things.

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If you want to go for a traditional way, then you can install rat-catchers. However, now most people use sticky flypapers so that the flies can just stick on that paper. These papers are common in homes and even commercial places. Moreover, if a place is too large then these papers won’t work as effectively. Therefore, they use ultraviolet light to attract insects. Some might even have a sticky base and an electrically charged grid to kill them.

The best way of reducing pests

There are different measures for different pets. Nowadays, glue boards are also sometimes used in catching cockroaches and rodents. Rodents can also be killed by baited spring traps and they can also be caught in cage traps. Some homes might also use talcum or tracking power so that is can make routes that are used by rodents inside buildings.

However, because almost all of these have a negative impact on some factor, people are more focusing on sterilization. This is a great method of how people can reduce the population of pests. Moreover, it is natural and it does now harm a lot. Physical pest control will use the technique of trapping or killing pests such as rodents.