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Bathroom Remodeling

Everyone wants an aesthetic bathroom that is not only calming but is also functional and organised. There are some clever hacks that you can use while bathroom remodeling or renovation. These hacks will keep your bathroom looking fresh and spotless with minimal effort. Let us discuss some changes or additions that you can make to this space to make it look unique and amazing.

  1. Add artificial or real plants: if you are a minimalist then this is one addition that you have to make to your bathroom. Rid the space of excessive decor items and add some plants and succulents to your bathroom shelves or racks. These give the space a very relaxed feel and make it look effortlessly beautiful.
  • Play around with shapes: while choose home remodeling contractor, always make sure to tell them to add different shapes to your bathroom to give it a unique appearance. Ditch the old-school circular or rectangular mirror. Go with a hexagonal one with a metallic rim to add some fun to this space. You can also add wooden trays in different shapes on your shelves or counter space to complement the space of the mirror. These small changes will have a huge effect on the overall appearance of the bathroom and give it a modern twist.
  • Get matching bottles: swipe out the plastic bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash for glass bottles or matching bottles. You can buy a set of bathroom pump bottles and fill them up with your favorite bathroom essentials. These will give your bathroom a very organized and neat appearance.
  • Textures that match: when you install shelves or cabinets, make sure the color, textures, and designs of the material match or complement one another. In case they do not, your bathroom will look far from aesthetic, and will fail to look organized as well. Instead, get easily available textures and materials. Some options like Beachwood oak or wench textures are easy to find and maintain.
  • Add small decorative items: since you will store a lot of your essentials in the bathroom, there will not be much space left to store decorative pieces. However, you can always place some ceramic vases or jute baskets to enhance the aesthetic value of the bathroom. You can also use these baskets to store toilet papers, magazines, or hand towels.
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