Synonyms For Hope: Surrogacy And Egg Donation

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A Surrogate is the one who carries a baby in her womb for the parents who are unable to conceive due to multiple reasons. A Surrogate is also known as a Carrier, and the parents are known as intended parents.

Surrogacy is a process that involves a contract or an agreement between the carrier and intended parents. The procedure requires medical, psychological, and legal aid from the agencies which provide help and guidance at each step to the interested people and make this tedious procedure hassle-free for them with their untiring support.

Surrogacy is of Two Types, Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy happens when a woman who is to serve as a Gestational Carrier has an embryo implanted through in vitro fertilization, better known as IVF, which is an Assisted Reproductive Technology. IVF process is carried on in the laboratories till the time ova and sperms are not fertilized to create an embryo. As a part of Assisted Reproductive Treatment, the process of Egg Donation Can be carried on in such cases where a woman is unable to conceive, maybe because she has gone past the age of reproduction or some undiagnosed medical condition does not let her eggs be fertilized to form an embryo, or some women may be born without ovaries taking away the chance of being even a biological mother to their baby.

Egg Donation is a Third Party Reproduction.

The first baby born through an egg donor was in Australia in 1983. It can be said to be a major achievement and brought hope for those women who were going through the pain of infertility. This breakthrough has put the donation of human oocytes (a germ cell involved in reproduction) in the same category as other organs. The combination of Surrogacy and egg donation has given all those a lease of new life who never thought they could ever become biological parents of a baby born out of them. This also is true for gay couples who had the only adoption as a choice if they wanted to have children.

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Finding an Egg Donor or going through the surrogacy process requires professional support from someone who holds expertise in this field.

Rite Options, which has answers to all your queries related to assisted reproduction, is one such agency. The agency believes in the policy of being honest and adhering to the laws of the state.

We do not believe in hiding any potential risks involved in any process before one goes through it.

We give you the minute of details with medical experts who help you make the right decisions be it surrogacy or egg donations. With great pride and a sense of responsibility, we do our duty of guiding you at each step. We are the most trusted name, and our services will give you the confidence you require in undergoing your life-changing process to bring happiness in your life and make it more meaningful.