What are the common child health problems?

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All parents always want their children to have good health, whether they are at home, at school or during early learning. It is because all parents know that their children’s health and safety are priceless and mean everything to them. If the babies or children get sick, their health will worsen quickly. You need to make sure that you are familiar with the signs and symptoms of common children’s health problems. By doing that, you will be always ready on what to do if your children are getting any health issues. You may refer to the doctors if you have any question (soalan) regarding your child’s health problems.

The first health problem that usually affects your children is respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). This type of virus is the main cause for respiratory tract infections among the children. It will cause an infection to the lung, which later will contribute to the damage of the lungs and our children’s breathing pathway. After your children have been infected with the RSV, they will show some symptoms such as having a runny nose, having a persistent cough, and a fever. Normally, the doctor will ask your children to take some rest at home and drink water frequently in a small quantity. It is quite hard to stop the spread of the virus. But by practicing good hygiene, we can reduce the risk of getting RSV infection.

Besides that, our children are also very susceptible to ear infections. It is common when a child gets an infection in the ear because soon it will resolve by itself within a week or two. Bacteria and viruses may be the common causes for the children to get either middle ear infection or outer ear infection. If it is left untreated, soon it may cause your child to get earaches and a temporary hearing loss. Because of that, to reduce the risk of getting ear infections, it is crucial for you and your children to not put anything into their ears. Do not use ear drops into your child’s ear except if it was prescribed by the doctors.

Furthermore, gastroenteritis is also one of the common health problems for the children. Gastroenteritis refers to an infection in the bowel that will result in the tenderness of the stomach and your intestines. It will cause diarrhea and vomiting occasionally. The vomiting may happen for a short time, but the diarrhea will remain for up to 10 days. Although many cases of gastroenteritis were mainly because of the infection from the virus and bacteria, many different germs may also contribute to the gastroenteritis. For prevention, you need to wash your hands properly after leaving the toilet or changing the nappies, and before you handle food.

The other health problem that may affect your child is roseola infection. Roseola commonly affects the babies and children that age ranging from 6 months to 2 years old and will cause them to have a high fever. Some of the symptoms of roseola include having a light sore throat, getting a sudden high fever, neck glands becoming swollen, having a pink rash, some spots on the chest, abdomen and back. You need to be alert if your child is showing a symptom that is extreme headache or a headache that comes with a stiff neck, or if you see that your children are in a confusing state, severe drowsy, or if the rash turns purple in color. It is because all these symptoms may indicate that your child is having more serious symptoms, for example meningitis.

Finally, there are also many cases of conjunctivitis being reported among the children. Conjunctivitis refers to the eye infections among the children. It is very infectious and may come with several symptoms such as eye inflammation, some discharges from the eyes that are green or yellow in color, your eyelashes become crusty, and your eyes will become itchy or have a burning sensation in the eyes. If your child was infected by conjunctivitis, they should not touch their eyes to avoid the disease from spreading.

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