Keep your office sparkling


It is a quite obvious phenomenon that cleaning is an absolute necessity. Be it your room, your car, your garden or your office. Each and every single thing requires cleaning. Something that we use daily is bound to get dirty with use and hence cleaning is needed. Consider something that we don’t use daily. For example, maybe our televisions, even those need cleaning as there is a lot of dust particles in the air that gets accumulated. So cleaning is must.

Let us move on to office cleaning now. There are plenty of reasons why your office must be kept sparkling clean not to mention with the coronavirus pandemic, cleaning along with sanitisation has become a priority.

  1. Hygiene: Office cleaning ensures that the surfaces or equipments we touch are sanitized and the air that we intake is safe and not polluted with bacteria. Work areas, washrooms, conference rooms and all other equipments should be cleaned in order to prevent air borne diseases.
  2. Aesthetic Feeling: A clean work environment aids its workforce to be more productive by instilling a calm and fresh feeling.
  3. Presentation and Reputation: Some people often link the reputation of an office to its cleanliness. Also, a clean and presentable office gives the clients’ trust and impression.

Let’s look at a few tips that would help you keep your workplace sparkling:

  1. Organise Your Desk:
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 Always keep your desk organised. Assign places to keep your stuff. Desk may include your working table and drawers too. So decide on where to keep what and always follow the rule that you’ve set. Never keep things at the wrong place. For example, assign one of your drawers to keep all your office files and the other to keep your headphone and powerbank. Take these out when you need them and keep them back once you are done using them. This ensures there is never too many things at your desk at a time, makes your desk look organised and also prevents you from stressing out.

  • Clean the electronics daily:
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Make it a habit to clean your laptop or desktop every time you enter and leave your workplace. Regular cleaning of electronics reduces dust accumulation on these items and helps increase their longevity too.

  • Clean your windows:
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 Window cleaning is important as windows allow sunlight to enter your office room which is good for both your mental as well as physical health. Also, dirty windows look bad and cut out the aesthetic feeling.

  • Cleaning other areas:
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 Looking from an all round office perspective, there are still so many things to clean. For example, cleaning washrooms, cleaning tiles and floors, etc. Even though everyone works towards keeping their workplaces clean, who cleans the washrooms and floors? Here’s where contracting services to professional come to the picture.

  • Contracting Cleaning Services to Third Party Organisations:
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This is probably the best way one can choose in order to keep his office sparkling. There are several professional third party organisations that provide the best cleaning services. Starting from cleaning washrooms, tiles, floors, windows and even desks, they clean A to Z of the office. There are some contractors like Sta-Clean who also focus on Green Cleaning. Green Cleaning means using sustainable cleaning solutions that are environment friendly. They use non toxic cleaning chemicals that are much safer when compared to the traditional cleaning products. With this the employees can be 100% sure that the air they are breathing is chemical free. Green Cleaning is something that ensures environment friendly solutions are opted and the results in terms of cleaning are same if not better. Moreover, this adds a lot of value to the aesthetic parameters and also makes clients feel good. So these were few tips on how to keep your workplace clean. However, contracting out cleaning services is the pro secret here to keep your office sparkling. With cleaning professionals doing all the cleaning work with 100% care and efficiency, the employees can sit back, relax and concentrate more on their daily work. The result is quite obvious. The productivity of the organisation would definitely increase and as previously stated the reputation of an organisation is certainly linked with the cleanliness solutions as well as results that the organisation chooses.

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