How to add Natural Wood Elements to your Modern Home Design?

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Do you love to experiment with interior decoration elements and contemporary styles? With the new trends in interior decorating artifacts, it is difficult to find things made of wood. The beauty of vintage wood or polished wooden objects is unmatchable. Nothing can beat the timeless appeal of wooden furniture or decorative elements.

Professional interior designers are now using timbers to bring uniqueness in their projects for the versatility and utility of wood. The rustic appeal of wood can match the modern interior setups seamlessly to provide an unconventional aesthetics to the room. Although it is difficult to find a way to utilize wood in an urban choice of home furniture and décor, there is always a way to balance the needs. A little effort from interior designers and professionals can transform the appearance of the room. Ancient wooden frames, eroded wooden structures, vintage furniture and many more are convenient choices to make the sustainable materials part of your home.

Wooden elements can vibe well with any décor because it is a highly transitional element. The contrasting rugged texture with artificial decorative structures and the color add depth to the room’s aesthetics. Add handloom and woven material with the wooden artifacts to blend the looks perfectly with the room.

Make your modern home design unique by adding elements made of wood. Bring a unique aesthetics with various wooden textures and patterns on the designer artifacts. Check out the different ways to add a wooden touch to your home and interior design.

Wooden frames and Jharokhas

Are you a fan of minimal designs and wall décor? Wooden frames and Jharokhas on the wall are currently among the most popular choices. The simple yet astonishing wooden structure catches the eyes instantly. It matches well on the plain painted walls and does not require external lighting points to shine bright in a room! Place them on the pillars and painted walls in your living room to bring a unique aesthetic to the room. 

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Wooden planters for the indoor plants

Indoor plants are part of every modern home. From living rooms to study tables, indoor plants always bring a soothing atmosphere to the room’s aesthetics. They also purify the air in the rooms. Why not use a wooden planter for your succulent indoor plants? Plants in the succulent or cactus family do not need too much water. Thus, you can aptly plant them in a wooden planter. Those who have decorative artificial plants in the house can also use wooden planters to keep the artificial plants. 

A vintage cabinet for the living room

Vintage furniture brings a mysterious essence to a room. It is an excellent contrasting element to a living room styled with contemporary art. If your living room has white furniture with a modern interior decoration setup, include a vintage cabinet in the room. It may sound bizarre, but the outcome will certainly soothe the eyes. The eroded wooden texture matches the neatly designed furniture in the modern living room perfectly. Experiment with the extremes of interior decoration to keep it unique. 

A TV unit made of wood

Television units and consoles are usually made of fiber. Why not bring a natural touch to it? You can find new-age wooden TV cabinets for living rooms. It fits all kinds of television sets and looks great with the smooth texture of natural wood. The minimalistic design and robust manufacturing of wood bring out the best combination. You can keep it in the living area without worrying about the utility quotient of the furniture. 

Contemporary racks for books

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Keeping books in the study room or bedroom is also part of the room décor. The racks or bookshelves add to the aesthetics of a room. A wooden rack with a geometric shape for keeping books blends contemporary and vintage styles. It is distinct from the traditional carved bookshelves you see in traditionally designed interior decors. These are simple wooden structures that serve the utility quotient aptly and bring a natural decorative component to the house. 

Combine mirrors and wooden frame

Mirrors are an excellent way to amplify the size of a room. The light reflection on the walls brightens the room and makes it appear bigger than it is. Wooden frames with beautiful carvings containing mirrors bring a balance to the contemporary styling choices and aesthetics. While the mirror helps illuminate the room, the wooden frame holds back time with the beautiful design. With such mirrors fitted on the walls, you would not require external artifacts to beautify the interiors. 

Colored wooden masks for decoration

Wooden masks are popular these days for the colorful design on the surface. The quirky masks with bright colors are an apt choice for an urban house. You can wisely put lighting sources inside the masks to bring a mysterious look. Go for contemporary masks or elephant faces carved in wooden planks to make your living room bright with colors! Place these masks on the wall in an asymmetric order to stick to the quirkiness of the mask designs and colors. 

Wooden floor lamp for bedroom

Sleek wooden lamps for study tables and wooden floor lamps for rooms are among the best-selling lamps in the top collections. The timelessness of natural wood, combined with the yellowish tint of light, takes your interior aesthetics to the next level! You can experiment with the changing colors of LED lights in the pedestal wooden lamps for combining modern styling elements with the timeless beauty of wooden texture on the lampshades. 

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Tanjore painting and wooden frames

Paintings are part of every interior setup. Tanjore glass paintings fitted on a wooden frame brings out the best combination. You can put it in the puja room or in the living area to bring a vintage feeling to the room. The frames have delicate carvings with shiny polished surfaces. Utilize the design elements wisely to incorporate natural wooden components in the modern house décor effortlessly. 

Wooden bench for garden and balcony

Balconies and gardens have seating arrangements. Usually, apartment owners keep a stool on the balcony to reduce the space occupancy. Houses with a larger garden area or a terrace prefer a bench. Why not use a wooden seating arrangement for the house? It serves the utility requirements perfectly and ensures a comfortable seating arrangement. You can find wooden benches for gardens with a rugged texture, bringing a vintage look. On the other hand, you can also find wooden swings for apartment balconies. These do not occupy the space too much and meet the requirements perfectly.   

Buy high-quality pieces from a distinguished brand.

Apart from the mentioned decorative elements and wooden furniture pieces, there are ample ways to beautify your modern apartment or home décor. All you require is the patience to combine the new-age and vintage decorative artifacts. The objects you purchase must contain high-quality wood to ensure durability. 

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