Characteristics of Waterproof Paint Having Solar Reflective Nature

Solar Reflective Nature

With the increase in temperatures of buildings, there has been extra need of air-conditioning. This increase will eventually lead to higher energy consumption, which will cost a lot towards electricity bills. Only the top companies for roof repair in Birlington understands the technicalities. To get rid of this situation is the use of alternative means for taking temperatures down. From a list of a large number of steps that can be taken in this regard, the use of solar reflective has been getting in use. This is a medium when deployed on the surface that will reflect the incident rays. It is the absorption of rays that heat the body on which they fall. For this reason, scientists have been trying to come up with novel paints. This is a step towards energy-efficient buildings and has a greener environment. Air conditioning is also one of the reasons for the greenhouse effect and global warming.

As far as the other physical properties of these special materials are concerned. It is generally asked that whether this is waterproof or not. For most cases, this special reflective material does not contain this property. As this will only transfer back the radiations coming from the Sun, however, it may let in water. For this purpose, builders have to sort out some other measures not to let water inside the building.

Composition of reflective paints

Just like other paints, these solar reflective paints are also made up of pigments. However, there is the addition of some other materials and ingredients which make them unable to get done with the task of reflecting radiant heat from the Sun. Generally, it reflects almost 70% of the incident radiations. Owing to this feature, in hot climate regions, this can be applied on the roof, and its effect can be witnessed substantially. Birlington roofing company can offer the professional services for roofing on this regard. As there is evidence temperature drop up to 18 degrees Celsius can be obtained.

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There is a piece of additional information attached with this that it is only proven that it can drop the temperature. Roofers in Birlington can provide the exact information however, there may be chances that the effect of thermal movement cannot be stopped with the application of this special paint. The normal duration of this paint lasts for 3 to 5 years, after which there is a need to repainting the whole surface to keep heat out of the building.

Getting an understanding of the problem of thermal movement

There has been in nature of the many physical materials that they get expanded when gets heated. Similarly, when the temperature goes down, they do contract. This same phenomenon happens with the building material, like in the day, they usually get expanded due to falling radiations of the sun. And in the evening, when the temperature gets down, they try to get back to their original size. This contraction and expansion cause to produce stress in the building’s material and this whole process is known as a thermal movement. This effect of thermal movement can be avoided to great extent by the application of solar reflective material.