How Can I Grow My Roofing Business?

Grow My Roofing Business

If you want to Grow Your Roofing Business, you must first identify the sort of consumer you are selling to.

Every contractor firm has two kinds of clients:

  • Satisfiers = like to save time and choose the best value or quality available.
  • Maximisers = those who desire to compare possibilities and make educated selections.

Satisfiers require immediate assistance.

They have damaged shower screens, broken outlets, and bug infestations. These are the leads that Google their problem and choose one of the first firms that appear. They aren’t interested in reading blogs or knowing more about the service. All they worry about is a) can this business assist me and b) is this business inside my budget.

Maximisers are the inverse.

They need to pause and consider their options; they will not make a decision on the moment. Before consumers give you their money, they must compare businesses, read reviews, and learn about you.

The bulk of internet guides are meant to help tradies gain more Satisfiers. They provide advice on how to persuade individuals on the moment, but your company is unique. Your consumer will not choose you based on a whim, rankings, or price point.

Customers who hire a roofer care about their property, and they take great delight in hiring a trustworthy, dependable, and established roofer.

Let’s be honest: every client has a horror story about a shady roofing provider. Perhaps they caused thousands of dollars of damage while attempting to repair tiles, perhaps they hired someone without proper insurance, or perhaps they hired a buddy of a friend who performed a poor job.

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The thing is, your buyer will NOT choose you unless they first learn about your company.

As a result, distinct lead-generation and growth methods are required for a plumber, electrician, or handyman.