All You Need to Know About White Quartz Worktop?

White Quartz Worktop

The white kitchen worktops are not only beautiful and bright but also make your interior appear spacious by reflecting light. By installing premium quality white worktops, your kitchen apart from being gorgeous and becomes practical or functional as well. That’s the reason why homeowners incline towards these ageless and stylish worktops.

By blending white quartz worktops and rich hues into your kitchen design, you can easily add dimension and personality to the interior. When you use a white worktop as the base colour palette, you can easily change the look of any given space while enhancing its comfort and tranquillity.

Why Install White Quartz Worktops?

White quartz worktops are made from man-made stone, which is robust, elegant and durable. All these attributes make it hygienic. Due to its highly non-porous surface, this worktop material minimises stains and harmful germs. That’s why most homeowners prefer it over any other worktop material.

If you’re still looking for more reasons to switch to white quartz worktops, you need to go through the points mentioned below:

1. Brightens Up Any Interior

The best thing about white quartz worktops is that it can instantly brighten up any interior. You can install it into a small space to give it the illusion of a larger and airy interior. White worktops also make your kitchen appear less intrusive. So, if you have lots of cabinets or appliances, you must install the white worktop to make the interior appear more spacious and brighter.

2. Available in Various Textures

While quartz worktops are available in a wide range of colours, white quartz comes in various textures. You can find these worktops fine and coarse materials, depending on different designs. Apart from that, the material’s attributes determine its overall colour variance and design. For instance, a finer worktop means a smoother and even finish. On the other hand, coarse material has different varieties of textures.

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3. White Quartz Worktops Don’t Require Sealing

Since kitchen worktops are the most abused areas in a kitchen, you need to choose a material that can withstand the impact of daily wear and tear. White quartz has a non-porous surface that you can clean without much effort. Unlike natural stones (granite or marble), white quartz does not even need sealing to keep the surface stain free. Besides, this surface even has hygienic and antibacterial properties that are apt for any kitchen.

4. Highly Durable

One of the major attributes of white quartz kitchen worktops is that it’s highly durable. While 90% of the pure quartz found in this worktop is mined from the crust of the earth, the other 10% includes resins. Since this worktop is chemically inert, quartz can resist any chemical reaction. This means you don’t have to worry about staining its surface. However, be careful with household bleach, as it can degrade the appearance of this worktop. 

5. White Quartz Comes in Different Thicknesses

The white quartz worktops are available in various thicknesses – ranging from ½ inch to 1–1/4 inch. The thickness, size and style of a worktop can vary from a brand to another. Thus, you must invest in a thicker slab for an edgy and elaborate design. But for creating a spacious kitchen design, install a thinner slab with fewer seams.

6. Low Maintenance and Resistance to Stains & Scratches

White quartz worktops are low maintenance. Unlike natural stone worktops like marble and granite, quartz countertops need minimal maintenance. Besides daily cleaning using a gentle cleaning product, no other compound is required for its upkeep.

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These quartz worktops are also scratch-resistant. This means the worktop can withstand daily wear and tear, preserving its polished and sleek finish for many years. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that this worktop surface is not exposed to high heat, as heat can degrade this worktop surface.

Another good thing about white quartz worktops is that they are resistant to stains due to their non-porous surface.

7. Quartz Countertops are Eco-Friendly

The engineered white quartz worktops are made from some raw materials. So, it’s a great example of reuse, recycle and reduce. Although many top brands use quartz exclusively, they don’t use it completely. Therefore, no extra work is needed for quarrying this engineered worktop. This means it has minimal impact on the environment.

It even includes colour pigments and resins for colouring and binding quartz worktops. These elements also come from natural sources, which make this engineered worktop greener than other worktops available in the market. This means that investing in white quartz worktops will help you do your bit to prevent the environment from toxic and unwanted chemicals commonly found in other worktop materials.


After reading the advantages of white worktops, you may have realized why most homeowners prefer this worktop over other countertop colours and materials. Furthermore, investing in white quartz worktops can transform the overall look of your kitchen while blending utility and aesthetics.