What Does A Building Surveyor Do?

What Does A Building Surveyor Do

Building surveyors train to become professionals who are responsible for assessing all kinds of properties, commercial and residential to determine their quality and state. Typically people think of doing this when they are buying a property and they want to know its real condition and value. But property owners can also benefit from hiring such an expert, it tells them what things they might want to work on in terms of repairs so that they do not have to drop the price when they sell. When you are looking for building surveyors near me it helps to understand what they do.

The skilled surveyor wears several hats

The above description of what a surveyor does really only covers the tip of all the jobs and roles they might play. They are an important part of a building team, offering advice to builders and architects as well. Here is a look at what the different sides of this job look like.

  • Project manager – A big part of what a building surveyor has to do involves project management skills. People ask them about maintenance progress, organising projects, making sure projects complete on time and so on.
  • Office administrator – There is a lot of paperwork involved in the role and clients often ask surveyors to help them with things like demolition licenses, planning permission applications, maintenance agreements and so on. As well as their own paperwork to fill out to complete their report, a surveyor has a lot of other paperwork they might need to understand and help with.
  • Safety inspector – One of the most important hats building surveyors, London wear is that of safety inspector. They carry our inspections, internal and structural to make sure the property is safe to use. If it is not they make sure clients know what is required to make it liveable and safe. They even have to have some basic understanding of key systems like plumbing and electrics.
  • Energy efficiency specialist – There are energy standards buildings have to meet to be compliant which is a good thing for the planet. It means though that a surveyor needs to check a property meets those standards and advise on what can be done if improvements are needed.
  • Quality control inspector – When looking for building surveyors near me you are also getting a quality control inspector making sure the property is fit for clients to move into.
  • Local historian – Another role often played though many do not think of this is knowing the history of the property and the local area.
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When you need building surveyors London, you are getting a professional who has expertise and knowledge in several areas. It is thanks to their skill and integrity that people can enjoy safe homes and pay fair prices, and avoid repairs and issues with their property that could lead to serious debt! This is especially true when you look for an RICS surveyor. A surveyor that is regulated and a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is the cream of the crop.