Shopping Smart for a Home in California

home in California

Homes are expensive, and when you invest in a home, you’re investing in a future. It takes a lot out of you to look for a home, bidding on a home is stressful, and moving is of course the most stressful thing ever. You don’t want to move into a home, only to find out later on, that there are more problems in your prepared to deal with.

If you have to sell a home immediately after moving in, you’re going to lose money guaranteed, and you’re going to lose even more money having to hurriedly find another place to live. You don’t want to wind up moving into a money pit, and this happens far more often than people realize.

So, as responsible realtors, we want to give you some advice when looking for homes for sale in Rocklin CA space or homes in Roseville CA. Of course, above all, you want to side with a competent realtor who isn’t just in a hurry to offload properties, but has a passion for helping people find their dream homes.

Pay Attention to Your Neighborhood

First, we recommend doing more than just the standard research on the neighborhood in question. It doesn’t just matter how the neighborhood looks, what kind of businesses are in the neighborhood, and if you have kids or plan to have kids, schools. These are very important factors, but you also want to get to know what types of people are in a neighborhood.

The sound like a charge statement, but it has nothing to do with hard demographics, race or anything like that. This is the 21st century, and we’ve all outgrown that sort of concern, right? It’s more about the micro-culture within a community. This is especially the case for modern subdivisions, deed restricted communities or gated communities, but it applies to neighborhoods in general as well.

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If you can arrange it, you should definitely meet people in the neighborhood, and get to know what type of personalities people have, and what sort of attitude they have as neighbors. There are many horror stories out there people moving into an otherwise splendid neighborhood, only to find out that the other residents are controlling, nosy, belligerent or all of the above. And honest realtor will also readily answer questions to this effect, inasmuch as they have answers to these questions.

Go above and beyond with Inspections

You also want to see to it that inspections have gone above and beyond the requirements. Yes, law dictates that certain inspections be made, and compliance with certain codes be present. However, there are a host of additional inspections that aren’t required, but you should definitely request. These include inspections for radon, a more thorough inspection of plumbing and water lines, a leveling test of floors, and a thorough look into the history of the current roof.

These inspections may cost a little more up front, but will save you a fortune if the roof is aging, the plumbing isn’t on bar, or you discover the presence of toxic radon after-the-fact.

So, bear these things in mind when searching for homes in Roseville CA or homes for sale in Rocklin CA. A respectable realtor will probably suggest these things as well, and will be more than happy to cooperate every step of the way. If your realtor isn’t cooperative with additional neighborhood research, or with additional inspections, you should probably consider changing your realtor right away.

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