Rug Cleaning Extends their Life

Rug Cleaning

Cleaning your rugs definitely makes them look better, but what you might not have considered is that it also helps to extend the life of the rug. This means you do not have to spend as much replacing your rugs. The particles, dirt and grime that get trapped in the fibres not only look and feel bad but can also discolour the materials and break them down. A rug cleaning Toronto based service can help you

Steam Cleaners on your Rugs

Using steam to clean with is a winning option on several fronts but not all rugs can handle this kind of cleaning. That is where hiring professionals come in to play. They know the best methods to use on the types of rugs you have. If steam is the winning option, they work by having inbuilt tanks or boilers that heat water and then produce steam. When sprayed onto rugs and carpets (and other things like tiles too) it gets deep in, loosens even stubborn particles and lifts stains too. At the end of professional rug cleaning Ajax, they will look great and the pressure and temperature will achieve some amazing results.

Also sometimes referred to as hot water extraction it is one of the most common methods cleaning professionals use. It is great for homes where people have allergies as it is not using chemicals, and it destroys allergens and tiny organisms without leaving a strong odour behind. It does not leave a lot of water behind so there is not a long drying time and no worry about moulds developing and staying off the carpet for days!

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Choosing a Professional Rug Cleaning Company

A rug cleaning Toronto based professional company will have their own equipment they use, and commercial cleaning equipment is often more effective than what you can buy and use yourself. There are different options and the cleaning professionals will have their own methods of going about the cleaning based on the experience they have and the type of rug that needs cleaning. You pay for that knowledge, and that is a way of protecting the rug and it saves you a lot of effort and time.

What can you do?

While you should leave the deep cleaning to a professional service you should of course still regularly clean your rugs to keep them as clean as you can and to stop surface dirt from working its way down. Vacuum regularly to get rid of pet hair, dirt and other particles. If you are able, give it a shake outside and let it air out a little, just don’t leave it in direct sunlight as that can cause fading. Avoid using any chemicals on it though, especially if it is an expensive rug that you might accidentally ruin.


When you are looking for rug cleaning Ajax based professionals, or experts that are located close to where you live, look for ones that use cleaning methods you prefer and have some experience with rug cleaning. Cleaning rugs is not exactly the same as cleaning carpets so double-check that they have handled this before, especially when talking about more expensive types of rugs.

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