Local Companies seeing a rise in Pest Pressure over the years.

Pest control

EcoPest Solutions has discovered an increase in Wolf Spiders in Ohio and quickly found that an eco-friendly solution can be used to eradicate them. Spiders not only look scary, but they can also be harmful when they are not killing other pests, but targeting humans through their bites, which are sometimes poisonous. Pests pose as a nuisance and can also be harmful to both their surrounding environment and ours. Many different breeds of spiders make up one of the most common infestations in Ohio.

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They invade homes and business searching for food and moisture. Wasps, bees, hornets, mud daubers, and yellow jackets are another territorial insects that pose harm to a human’s health with their stingers. Beetles cause structural damage to buildings as they feed on wood and lay their eggs. Finally there are other pests, which are much larger: rodents. Many rodents such as mice that eat continually and leave their droppings that pose a health risk to humans and cause home damages.

One of the largest concerns with exterminating these pest is the products that are used in killing the infestation. There is also a concern of the effects that the chemicals used to kill the pests will have on a human being after all, if they kill bugs will they be harmful to humans as well? Other questions arise as well, will the harmful effects linger or will they dissolve with time? These concerns are natural and for that reason many pest control companies are using natural organic solutions. It is a healthy solution to removing unwanted insects and is more human.

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