Why uPVC Spray Painting Is A Popular Renovation Hack

uPVC Spray Painting

The purpose of carrying out home renovations is to improve your property’s quality and functionality while also reflecting your taste and style. Unfortunately, carrying out home renovations isn’t a small undertaken and will require serious expenses. This is why many homeowners are always looking for different hacks to help them cut costs on renovations. One very popular renovation hack is uPVC spray painting.  

uPVC spray painting is a way for homeowners to revitalise the look and colours of aged and worn-down uPVC windows, doors, conservatories, garage doors, radiators, soffits, and fascias for a fraction of the amount they would have spent on replacements. As a renovation hack, uPVC spray painting is very popular and with good reason, some of which are;

A new and improved look

uPVC spray painting protects and significantly changes the appearance of the uPVC surface it’s applied to. The specially formulated paints used for the spray painting leave your newly sprayed surface with an impressive finish that is resistant to harsh weather conditions and UV degradation, which means they will always retain their vibrant and fresh look.  


When uPVC spray painting is done right or carried out by reliable uPVC spray painters near me company, the painted surfaces (doors, windows, conservatories, garage doors, radiators, and furniture installations) can last for several years without cracking, fading or peeling. Professional companies also offer up to 10 years guarantee for their spray painting services. 

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Quick and non-disruptive

One of the downsides of home renovations is that it involves a lot of disruptive activities which can disturb your family’s daily routine. uPVC spray painting cuts out this hassle since it doesn’t require any building work and can be completed quickly (anywhere from a few hours to a few days tops). 

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Wide range of available colours

Sometimes all the renovation your home needs is a splash of colour, and what best way to do that than by spray painting your uPVC windows, doors, roofline, garage door, and conservatory. There are hundreds of paint colours available, including the option to mix your own bespoke colours, so finding a paint colour that matches your style or your home’s overall appearance won’t be a problem. 


uPVC spray painting can help you save money on expensive replacements by up to 70%. This way, the money you save can be diverted toward other aspects of your home renovation. 

Increased property value

If one of the reasons you are renovating your property is to increase its market value, then uPVC spray painting is a renovation hack you should definitely consider. In addition to saving you money on replacements, the new and improved look of your freshly painted windows, doors, and conservatory can increase the visual appeal of your property, ultimately raising its value.


When it comes to renovation hacks, uPVC spray painting is one of the most popular and effective. With its many amazing benefits, such as its; long life expectancy, the non-disruptive application process, a wide variety of colours, cost-effectiveness, and serving as a kerb appeal booster, uPVC spray painting is definitely worth the investment.