How to Take Care of Young Trees in Winter

Young Trees in Winter

Trees are delicate, especially when they are in their first two years. They need extra care during the winter season when there are storms, ice and severe temperature fluctuations that go from above and below zero degrees in the winter season. Winter is a stressful time for the trees and if you are a tree owner then you must know about the things you can do to protect and comfort the trees. Tree Doctor USA is the best tree care company that will help you in protecting your trees this winter and will also provide you with tips for doing so. 


Many things are to be considered while taking care of the trees including issues that are to be solved. 


Cold Stress can turn into several things. Temperature variation during winter creates a lot of stress in the trees and between their outer brake and inner wood that leads to many cracks known as frost cracking. Though the tree can repair itself from the cold stress and the cracks caused by it, you will have to see if the areas are still vulnerable because if there are such areas then it can result in major damage. Wrapping the brack is something that can be done for maintenance. Tree Doctor USA will help you in doing so. 


IF you have evergreen plants then drying out is a real issue during the winter season. In winter drought, the trees end up losing more water than they can absorb because the ground sare near to frozen and if winds are there then this becomes more harmful. You can help your trees by laying down a layer of organic mulch that is thick around the base of trees. The mulch will help to slow down the process of moisture loss and will also help as a temperature buffer for the roots

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There is no question that the branches of trees are more vulnerable during the winter and can break easily. Wind can damage the branches and they get several breakages. To minimize this issue, pruning weak and vulnerable parts or branches will be beneficial. You can also consider removing the limb of the pair. If you have small trees then it will be better to cover those plants with tent-like housing and if you have evergreen trees then tying rope and reinforcing branches will be better. 


In the winter season, trees become more fragile and hence target rodents. Mice, rabbits and deers are major culprits as they chew on bark and girdle trees. To guard the trees against these rodents, it is better to leave some space between the mulch and the trunk and then observe. If mice are the issue then set a bait. For more details and repellents you must contact Tree Doctor USA for consultation. 

Protection of Young Trees in Winter 

Young Trees, just like humans, experience the raw intensity of the winter season. Winter indeed can be very stressful for trees, it gets worse if the tree is young or newly planted. It is very crucial to protect the young trees in this harsh season. For this, you can do these things: 

  1. Mulch – Water – Spray 

When early winter arrives, trees experience the intensity of the cold season. Adding a thin layer of around 2 inches of organic mulch will help in slowing down the water loss. Keeping trees watered throughout the winter is very crucial, especially for young plants thus you will need to water them daily. Spraying anti desiccant is important because winter comes with Pieris, mountain laurel, etc.

  1. Wrap – Protect – Melt 
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The temperature during winter is very overwhelming, hot in the day and freezing at night. This results in a rupture in the trunk and this wrapping is very important for young trees. Young trees are not strong and hence you will have to protect your young trees by fencing, chicken wires, etc. Keeping rock salt away from the young trees is very important because salt works as a barrier for absorbing water, oxygen and other nutrients and thus you will have to use ice melt related products such as potassium, calcium, etc. 

  1. Clear – Purne 

Last but not the least, accumulated snow can result in branch break. You will have to remove the snow in a very slow manner by pushing it off in upward moments, you can use a garden hose for this. Winter is a great opportunity for pruning trees as you can easily see the structure of the tree and will be able to identify the issues. Pruning during this period will also prevent the spread of tree diseases. 


It is very important to know about all the factors regarding Tree Care. It is also very important to consult tree experts who will help you in protecting the trees in a very accurate manner. Contact Tree Doctor USA for extra care and advice regarding tree cases in the winter season.