Type of Carpet Cleaning in USA

1.Dry powder cleaning Dry powder cleaning involves a technique called “host system”. In this technique, a gentle, natural cleaning product is mixed with a small amount of water, detergent, and a safe to use solvent. The mixture is then sprayed on the carpet, and it forms lumps that look like pieces of sawdust. These lumps…

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Keep Dust Down

Dust is a scary word for some yolk stuff: skin cells, animal dander and hair, dust mites and parts of their feces and shrinking bugs – and paint. Many people are allergic to dust mites and pet dust, in addition to not living among such detritus. You can’t avoid getting dusty – two of the…

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How Often We Clean Our Sheets?

If you’ve been washing your sheets for a while (or, honestly, you can’t even remember the last time you changed them), you’d be in good company. According to a recent survey of mattress consultants, the average American says that he washes his sheets every 24 days. However, after more than just a month, he considered…

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